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Google Gmail stopped Bblak Perry

Concerns the migration of BlackBerry users to iPhone and phones using Android system from Google (Getty)
Intends to Google stop serving their e-mail (Gmail) on a BlackBerry later this month, which is a further blow to the makers of Blackberry's Research In Mochon Ltd., which is struggling to stop the transformation of BlackBerry users to phones that use programs made by Google and Apple .

As of November 22 will not be able to present users of the new BlackBerry e-mail to Google, and will be limited to use Google mail to users who participated in the BlackBerry service before that date.

Google said - in a statement posted on its website - that the company will focus on "building a new system of excellence for Gmail on the mobile phone's browser."

For his part, played down the factory BlackBerry would move, the company said in a statement that "since 2009 Enter Gmail as a component of operating system, BlackBerry version of the fifth and beyond, that there is no need for the operating system, Gmail independent."

It is noteworthy that these developments come at a time when a company Research In Motion setbacks in the operation of the BlackBerry service, and a decrease in prices of their products and market share of smartphones in the United States.

The research shows research institution called the "IDC" that the shares of Research In Motion fell by 11.6% until the end of June last, and made the phone companies that are running the factory Android by Google and any iPhone.

The company's share of Research In Motion, the U.S. market five years ago and reached 48%.

Analysts have expressed fears of abandonment of users of the BlackBerry and the trend to the iPhone and Andreod after repeated interruptions and embarrassments suffered by the BlackBerry service in the last period.

The company said it was investigating a further interruptions in service in Europe and the Arab region, Africa and India, but gave no further details.

It should be noted that the mail Google mail (Gmail) is one of the most common e-mail systems in the world, achieved an increase in the number of visitors in the past month by 31%.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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