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Pillow and sheet Hitler an auction

Exposure pad and bed cover Nazi leader Adolf Hitler sold at auction in the British city ofBristol, November 29 this month.

The Sun newspaper said on Thursday that the pillow and blanket embroidered white linenmade ​​specifically for Hitler and engraved with an eagle at the head of the Third Reichswastika and the initials of his name on each side.

She added that the pillow and blanket they believed they came from Hitler's Munichapartment and will be sold at auction Droats Bristol next Tuesday and at a price higher than 3000 pounds sterling.

The paper quoted Malcolm Claridge, of the auction Droats saying "We have an estimatedprice of the sheet up to 3000 pounds sterling, and we received many calls from those interested in buying."

He added that it is very rare to find such a cut, and was a collector of rare piecespurchased the pillow and blanket in Germany a few years ago.

The Claridge, that after the suicide of Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun, the director of his house and Annie Winter remove a lot of his personal belongings from the apartment to save them from thieves, including the pillow and blanket.

Source: UPI

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