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Conviction of Michael Jackson's doctor

Image by Ninian Reid via Flickr

Murray gave Jackson a dose of sedatives and excess anesthetic propofol to help him sleep (French - Archive)
Convicted by the jury in the United States on Monday, the private physician to the song pop star Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray of manslaughter in the death of Jackson, and crossed the family of the last gratified with the decision and considered it a victory.
When reading the verdict cried Katherine Jackson's mother and his elder sister and RNA as they left the courtroom was asked by reporters about whether Catherine was unhappy with the verdict? Replied in the affirmative.
Said brother Jermaine Jackson told reporters, "justice was served Michael with us."
And rushed other members of the family, including father Joe Jackson and sisters LaToya and Randy to leave the court building in cars without speaking to the media.
But in the Twitter social networking written for LaToya "victory" and then wrote "I love you, Michael and I will continue to fight until everyone is brought to justice."
He said the prosecutor Steve Cooley Ingles they were satisfied with the result, adding: "Finally we want to offer our condolences to the family of Jackson and to his children Prince, Paris and Blunkett has lost their beloved father, nothing can compensate for this loss."
It is expected that the verdict against Dr. Conrad Murray on 29 this month.
Murray faces a prison sentence of up to four years, as well as the withdrawal of his license to practice occupational medicine.
Later in the day, defense attorney Ed Chernoff The verdict was a disappointment, and will be an appeal.
Jackson died in June 2009 at the age of fifty years as a result of an overdose of a mixture of sedatives and anesthetic propofol, which is used in surgery Murray gave him to help him sleep.

Source: Reuters + Associated Press

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