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New version of the Kalashnikov rifle

Inventor of the Kalashnikov weapons is old but is born of the new (European - Archive)

Scheduled to unveil a new model of the legendary Kalashnikov rifle in December / December next, with leaks in the Russian press suggest that the basic feature of the new gun is that all the major tasks that can be done provided one hand.
And still other details of this gun is not clear, but the factory owners of the product and is located Kalshenkov Ural region, Russia hoped that the new model has the approval of the Russian army, which threatened earlier this year to stop buying these guns.
The designer first weapon is the Kalashnikov Soviet Red Army commander Mikhail Kalashnikov was invented in World War II, and began to produce in large quantities in 1949.
Kalashnikov is still alive and living in the Russian city of Izhevsk, where production continues and update such guns to this day.
Has issued a newer version of this weapon in the seventies of the last century was carried out by a number of updates in the other versions did not receive a subsequent design of a gun like never popular given to the design of the Kalashnikov, with the arms in factories all over the world to produce a simulated weapons.
The Russian army had announced earlier this year that it would stop buying this gun unless they are developed, especially as the soldiers take them as they move left and right after the first shot, which reduces the accuracy.
According to the Russian newspaper Izvestia that the new gun will have a unique feature, a fighter that can be done all the tasks necessary to continue the fight with one hand, which allows him to continue shooting even if it is infected.

Source: Independent

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