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New hope for cancer patients

The new test provides a more effective treatment in weeks (French)

U.S. doctors developed a new method to test patients with a wide range of genetic variants at the same time, which allows them to make treatment more effective and targeted in a matter of weeks.

I have been using the new test, called the "Snabashot" to identify mutations in more than fifty places in 14 major gene in patients with a form of lung cancer the most commoncancer known as non-small cell lung and is provided now for patients with a range of other cancers.

It is noteworthy that the analysis of the genetic makeup of cancers is becoming more common, but usually what happens to a certain single-gene mutations and then believethat this is the first time that the use of such large-scale clinical testing.

She told Isshiah Squist - who led the research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston - that this study are interesting because they demonstrate the possibility of merging the genetic testing of multiple biomarkers in the clinic of any active and guide patients toward personalized treatments.
The method used Squist PCR, a method based on the generation of multiple copies of part of the DNA, which is usually during the heating and cooling cycles, to provide more material for testing.
Has used this formula developed, known as polymerase chain reaction of multiple laboratories in the criminal several years ago to target multiple genes simultaneously. The recent proliferation of new cancer drugs that target certain cancers, genetic defects lead to increased demand for such tests.
Among the 589 cancer patients non-small cell lung who were tested were 546 biopsy samples of tissue contained enough tissue to generate results. Found in more than half, 51%, mutation or more of the genes of cancer or some kind of defect, called a translocation, which is part of the integrated DNA in the chromosome error.
Of the 353 people living with advanced and found mutations in 170 of them or Mratbaat potential treatments can be targeted. These patients can be enrolled in clinical trials of drugs that target the specific genetic makeup of their illness.
It is worth mentioning that the test - which costs about $ 498 - provided through 14 hospitals and clinics specializing in lung cancer across the United States.
The Squist Choosing the correct treatment can increase response rates in patients with lung cancer non-small cell of about 20% - 30% to 60% - 75% may improve chances of survival.

Source: Guardian

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