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European-American agreement to monitor travelers

America, the European Union negotiated two years ago on the exchange of airline passenger data (Reuters)
The European Union and the United States on a draft agreement on the transfer of air passenger data from EU member states to America.

A statement of the European Union that the agreement contains a clause stating that the data provided by European airlines to the United States will not only be used for a specific period and only in order to combat "terrorism" and cross-border crime.

The statement quoted by the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs as saying that the agreement provides strong protection of the private lives of European citizens and without abort with the effectiveness of the agreement in the field of security of the European Union and the United States.

And Cecilia Malmstrom said after a meeting in Washington yesterday, including the Ministers of Justice Eric Holder and U.S. Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and European Commissioner for Justice Viviane Reding, that the Europeans and Americans have identified areas in which they can cooperate in particular the exchange of experiences.

She explained, "we have strengthened our cooperation in the field of Internet security and infrastructure protection and response to attacks on children on the Internet."

The meeting, which is held twice a year in the United States and Europe, on Internet crime and to address "terrorism" and border control.

And must be signed by the Parliament and European Council of Ministers of the agreement, which is the fruit of negotiations began in December / December 2010. And will replace the agreement signed in 2007 between the European Union and Washington, according to a statement by the European Union.
Source: French

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