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Accusations of racism for Britain's banks

Charges of the Bank of Scotland using the small business loans to cash rewardsinvestment (Getty)

British newspaper The Independent said that the British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Cleggwill order an investigation today into allegations about the existence of racialdiscrimination in lending policies in British banks.

According to the allegations that the asylum-commercial loans from non-white face great difficulties in getting loans for their businesses, and if they succeeded in getting the loansthey impose higher interest rates than those imposed on their fellow whites.

The newspaper said that Clegg would not draw a clear indictment of the major banks to exercise racial discrimination, but it will point to the existence of sufficient concern to launch an investigation into lending policies followed in British banks.
Clegg will be based in his presentation to the research found that 35% of Britons want blacks to obtain commercial loans for their business, either existing or to create new work, but only 6% of them succeeded.
Clegg will also provide evidence that the risk of rejection of loan applications submitted by companies owned by blacks is four times higher than those owned by whites.
On the other hand interest rates imposed on companies owned by members of Bangladesh and Pakistan, Africans and black Caribbeans is higher than those imposed on companies owned by whites and Indians.
Clegg will be announced the appointment of the Minister of Communications Andrew Stanley to follow up the matter and study the barriers to lending in British banks. Clegg's move comes a day after the defense of the British Bank of Scotland for incentives paid to investment banks after it was charged that these incentives be taken from funds allocated to companies and small businesses that are in dire need of cash.
In the lecture to be delivered by Clegg in Brixton South London address the banking sector, the British, saying "I have saved the British people, British banks, and have a responsibility like any other British, but the greater responsibility to help Britain in building a strong economy and effectively. The launch of the talents of ethnic minorities are also assumed. "
As will be recognized Clegg existence of a complex set of factors that may stand in the way banks and each bank to his own case, it will emphasize the need for achieving a deep and comprehensive peace in the obstacles that stand in the lending policies, and that the faces of all immediate question: What obstacles of funding and whether banks are all it can to perform its role?

Source: Independent

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