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Legal study of the Israeli crimes in Gaza

The Center for Zaytuna for Studies and Consultations in Beirut, a new book entitled "Israeli crimes during the aggression on the Gaza Strip: a legal study" of the professor in international law, Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Ali. The book seeks to provide legal ground in order to take effective action in the international arena in pursuit of "Israeli war criminals."
The book, which is located in 128 pages of medium size, is a study of law dealing with crimes committed by Israel during its aggression on the Gaza Strip in the period from 27/12/2008 to 18/01/2009, according to the Treaty of Rome establishing the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
The book in his class the first war crimes committed in Gaza during the aggression, while the focus in the second chapter on crimes against humanity, indicating Staff moral and material for each crime separately and in advance of some facts which indicate that committed during the aggression, as shown in staff should be available to talk about the crimes war crimes or crimes against humanity in general.
The third chapter discusses a ways to prosecute Israeli war criminals by the International Criminal Court, or through the use of the principle of universal jurisdiction in domestic courts.
In Conclusion The book that, while Israel claims that it started its aggression under the pretext of stopping Palestinian rockets pounded southern Israel, and it targeted in its attack strongholds of Palestinian resistance only, but all reports of human rights centers confirm that the IDF had over-use of force and the majority of facilities that are targeted civilian installations in general and private property in the central neighborhoods are overcrowded, leading to the extermination of whole families of its members. Which constitutes a violation of all international laws.
It also calls on writers, researchers and politicians interested in the Palestinian issue to return to the Palestinian cause to the then international legal, as well as the political dimension and national levels, where he says that the Palestinians have a lot of papers stress the legal to embarrass Israel, and set an example on the invitation of the United Nations to shoulder its responsibility towards the recognition of a Palestinian state.
The importance of this book is that it provides a study unique in Arabic, addressing the Israeli crimes in terms of specialized legal and seeks to allow to take concrete steps in the international arena in pursuit of Israel's violations, has been prepared by the researcher specializing in international law, the holder of a certificate from the Research Center Academy The Hague International Law.

Source: Al Jazeera

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