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Twitter enters on the issue of Wikileaks

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Supported the criminal court judge in Virginia, the U.S. government's decision to the judge to obtain the personal details of the three users of social networking "Twitter", as part of their investigation in the case against Wikileaks site and thousands of documents for publishing secret diplomacy.
The judge said Liam O'Grady in the rule consisting of 60 pages that the Government may request the disclosure of such accounts, that a judicial decision in favor of federally issued in March / March.
The lawyers twitter account holders who have worked with the site's founder, Julian Assange that the friction force the site to cooperate with the investigation and revealed details of accounts is a clear violation of privacy and a violation of freedom of expression.
And return three accounts of the Vice Icelandic Eoncdtar Brigitta, and Internet and computer hacker Rob Gongrayb Dutch, and American computer programmer Jacob Appelbaum.
LawFor their part, U.S. prosecutors said that federal law allows them to obtain information from private accounts, calling it routine procedure, in reference to the material that allow them to disclose the accounts of certain electronic without permission or explanation of the reasons.
And calls on the request to disclose details of the account for three people in Twitter and their addresses and computer names and user subscription information, but without access to the content of personal messages.
It is noteworthy that the original decision was issued in December / December 2010 and was serving also disclose account details Assange, Private Bradley Manning accused of leaking documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the site and Ichaelelix, but the two men did not break, a lawsuit against this work.
Raised the site Wikileaks revealed thousands of secret diplomatic documents ire of the United States, saying they adversely affect national security.

Source: Agencies

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