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Israel threatens to cut off water for Gaza

Gaza is suffering from a severe shortage of electricity due to Israeli siege and the destruction of power plants where (Getty)
Threatened Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Aaúlon cut off water and electricity to the Gaza Strip, in response to the meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshaal, in an effort to form a government and a Palestinian national unity.

Aaúlon said in a statement to Israel Radio and the British Telegraph newspaper reported, that any agreement between the Palestinian Authority and "terrorist faction" will convert the power to "the power of terrorism which would kill any hope of reaching a peace agreement with Israel."

The newspaper said that about 60% of Gaza's electricity comes from Israel, while the rest comes from Egypt and Gaza, partially destroyed stations run by the European Union.

In the water, providing Israel Gaza, including not more than 5% of the needs of the sector of drinking water. But Sari Bashi, who runs a foundation, "Geisha" human rights advocate for freedom of movement of Palestinians say that this ratio is small as vital to the Gaza Strip.

The Bashi "I do not believe that Israel cut off drinking water for civilians to punish militants. That would be an act is illegal, too. These policies, which pursues collective punishment - raise the unit voice and the anger and clear on her face - has failed, all the time. I expect from the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs to think before they speak. "

It is noteworthy that Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but retained control of the border crossing points, which means that it still occupies the sector in practice.
Israel has previously threatened to the same threat when Hamas came to power in 2007, but eventually succumbed to international pressure and pressure from humanitarian organizations, and applied, although some restrictions on fuel and electricity.

Played down Hamas spokesman Ahmed Yousef's statements, describing Aaúlon Balfarqh. He stressed Yousef, who is also an adviser to the Prime Minister of the deposed government in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, the Palestinian reconciliation is not an internal Palestinian affair with Israel.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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