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Britain looking to change the laws of the strike

Demonstrations against government reforms to the laws of pensions (Reuters)

British minister said that his Government had to resort to change the laws of trade unions to limit the ability of workers to organize strikes.
The statement by the Minister of State Francis Maude, who reported the Daily Telegraph,before the days of the organization of the largest strike in decades, where he plans to 2.6 million public sector workers participate in next Wednesday.
The newspaper said that Maud, who is participating the talks between the government and the union wants the government coalition to examine the possibility to set a timetable on a new legal license to vote for strikes.
It seems that the talks between the two sides had been frozen, and that the strike decision would be implemented.
The government wants the public sector workers contribute more to government reformsand retirement at a later age, and to calculate the average pension incomes and salariesis not final.
The government has provided a presentation were reviewed at the beginning of the month,trade unions did not accept the offer.
The government says the reform of public sector pensions is necessary as a result of the increasing numbers of elderly.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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