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Matsamu Los Angeles are threatened with eviction

Occupied the Los Angeles "is determined to continue to sit until after the deadline Monday (European)

Mayor called for the U.S. city of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraguza Friday Matsama of the "occupied the Los Angeles" to evacuate the place sit-park City Hall by eight o'clock GMT on Monday next, under the pretext of maintaining security and public health.
Although Villaraguza had expressed sympathy with the movement since its launch in New York by nearly seven weeks, it announced during a press conference on decision to evacuate and said, "We have weakened the movement a sense of American citizens responsibility and spoiled grass Park City Hall, which is time for him to return to its previous status."
"We have become a movement at a crossroads .. and it's now time to campaign occupied the Los Angeles that instead of occupying a patch of park publish her own economic justice and to mobilize more people to restore the lost balance of American society."
The Villaraguza to the park, which includes nearly 485 of the tent can not continue the case to that in a situation like this can not maintain security and public health, as it is supposed to be cleaning and maintenance of the park to open in general.
The cross-members of the "occupied the Los Angeles" soured on the mayor's remarks, which they considered "offensive" confirming their intention to peaceful demonstrations and sit-in until after the deadline for the evacuation.
The Obanju Cassiani, a member of the movement "from what I understand the mayor's remarks is that it is estimated the park grass is estimated more than belonging to the movement."
The protestors refused to categorically told despite Villaraguza confirmed that during the evacuation process will leave a part of the park open for the "You movement occupied the Los Angeles or other groups exercising their right to free expression."
Also referred to Villaraguza announced that the police officers who will be out the eviction will show their cooperation with both will have the intention to leave the park credit schedule, but made clear that the decision will be applied and that there is no room for compromise.

Source: Associated Press

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