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German exports rise in the euro despite crisis

German exports rose unexpectedly in September / September last, in spite of the sovereign debt crisis plaguing the euro zone and indicators of global economic slowdown.

The data showed released today by the Census Bureau that the German exports of Europe's biggest economy rose by 0.9% in September / September last surpassing expectations.

For imports, the data showed that they fell by 0.8%, was attributed to fears of loss of growth of the German economy out of steam, and observers expected a slight increase in imports by 0.4%.

The data issued by the Ministry of Economy for the month of September / September showed a slowdown in both the German industrial orders and industrial production, leading to fears that exports could be affected.

The industrial orders fell by 4.3% mainly because of the contraction rate of 12.1% in the request for the euro area, which includes 17 countries and the largest trading partner for Germany. The total foreign orders fell by 5.4% on a monthly basis in September / September.
The decline in orders would be likely to forecast a slowdown in exports. The German economy depends heavily on exports as the largest exporter in the world after China.
Warning Recently, an economic expert has warned Commerzbank Ulrike Rondorf that a recession in the euro area will not go to Germany without a trace.

Although the study centers were expected to decline in German exports, they jumped on an annual basis by 10.5% in September / September last, bringing the total to $ 95 billion euros (131 billion dollars), as imports rose by 11.8% to up to 77.6 billion euros ($ 107 billion .)

The Census Bureau's trade surplus increased to 17.4 billion euros (24 billion dollars) in September / September compared to 11.8 billion (16.3 billion dollars) in August / August.

And increased current account surplus more than doubled to 15.7 billion euros (21.7 billion dollars) in September / September, compared with a surplus of 6.5 billion euros (nine billion dollars) in August / August in a revised decline.

Source: Agencies 

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