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Why depicts torturers for their crimes?

Picture showing U.S. troops torturing of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib prison (French - Archive)
Occur British writer Robert Fisk in the Independent newspaper article about the motives for publishing pictures of suffering for their crimes and their victims.
Without Fisk refers to the crimes committed by the Syrian security forces against demonstrators these days, talk about the practices of the Iraqi intelligence under Saddam Hussein and how he portrayed elements of detainees during interrogation.
Fisk and pointed to a new book written by photographer and Janina Struck lecture on the life of soldiers in the war, said that the book talks about the art of photography has become the new military so that each soldier his own Hollywood, there are American soldiers are real people taking pictures of Iraqis being killed in front of the camera.
Fisk said that Struck found in a web of five U.S. Marines laughing and messing with the camera near the charred body to her comments says "Iraqi cooked," and another comment says, "a bad day for this dude" before the image of bodies rotting dumped in a street. In some videos I saw Struck pictures of U.S. soldiers firing indiscriminately at Iraqis in Fallujah and the shelling was attached to rock.
And the last scene of terrible, I wrote Struck for U.S. soldiers throwing a grenade at an Iraqi shepherd, describing how a grenade was thrown from a moving car on an old shepherd with his flock of sheep on the side of the road, detonated the bomb, and prevailed in a wave of laughter and ended the film.
In another film, consists of four separate sections, shows a person carrying a machine gun shoot indiscriminately at civilian cars in the back of the car is moving quickly, and believe that this film for the British security contractors.
Fisk said that the Iraqi insurgents followed the same method, there are videos of mass executions of Iraqi police north of Baghdad, and the beheadings of hostages film was intended to intimidate Iraqis from cooperation with America.
Fisk then referred to his experience he said that in 1992 and 1993 was a reporter and completed a film in three parts entitled "From Beirut to Bosnia," showed horrific scenes of suffering in hospitals in Beirut and Sarajevo, Cairo and Gaza. In Gaza City, was one of the members of the Hamas movement to a bullet fired by an Israeli soldier in the head, and he pictures the permission of his family, while the doctors were trying to prevent him from swallowing his tongue. Fisk said, "I do not know whether to see us or hear us, but he died during filming."

Source: Independent

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