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The greatest challenge types

Laugh and we do not know what awaits us in the future, but ease the pain a little smileWhy are facing problems and we can not solve it ourselves and find it can solve it for us?Is this the world that want free man?Farewell to the Saade on 12 \ 1, 2009 at 10.37Farewell to happiness in the world not know justice, love and EqualityBut they treat human beings singing and wealth! Goodbye to the happiness that is the title of LifeIf the world is really beautifulWhy cry when the child is born of life?What happens to all that we see and hear about Palestine and Iraq?Why do we see Baina image of a child crying and hungry WAM community does not know mercy?Why shed tears in front of does not deserve?Why do we love and why Nfariq who died?Why entrust our secrets to those who do not realize its value?Many questions revolve in the mind we do not find her answer! Really all the people laughing at each other until Ptohemena mothers loveI wonder Henkdr Nsthml minimum de Until when?Minimum saree good place where MallochWorld is transient, the most beautiful man to die and stay with his Lord, I prefer to hold him accountable to God without Thasabh this world fuckingLife for me deathNo Life is not life-Yes Yes Died of deathThis is what I read in one of the forums one of the members of the desperateAnd Lee commentsFirst, this man his talk is true, and I commend him for his frankness and sense of desperation is a reaction to do in this worldBut I'm surprised the course of the letter is talking about the challenge and the challenge is life and accept the difficulties and the ability to address them, not deathAll from us to him behind in life, but the circumstances are all becoming saree worst of all from us runs the more dreams runs the more concerns there any escape for what our future, we know that black life is narrowing all over, but our lives and our culture and our religion Adjana think positive and believe that the minimum Bade creator mastermind great to accept and accepts these Diamond we are at the forefront of not know of Sawa ambiguity are launching in the economic and political conditions and exhausting wars in the land of our brothers and our loved ones the Palestinians, not to us whether the call saree God, even to change this future black opaque and returns life saree serenity, love and safety, we are all human beings created us and we have no sin in the life not be going with us on the way and goes against our wishesThis year, we cared a great creator and mastermind of Morna in our lives every year, you are best if you all

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