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Beauty by the intelligence when the Germans

Despite their involvement in the fields of scientific research is still beauty to the Germans a priority on intelligence (French)

Revealed a recent poll that two thirds of women in Germany are ready to give upintelligence against a tinge of beauty, and that many of them dissatisfied with their appearance.


The survey results showed that 65% of the women who participated answered yes to the following question: Is Taatkhlin than ten points to test your intelligence to get rid of an aesthetic defect in your appearance?


Reduce the size of clothing
It was clear from the survey - carried out by the Institute "Ajafis" indicators for measuringopinion commissioned by the magazine "Petra," the German specialized in fashion - that many of the women in Germany is satisfied with their appearance.


Has a 32% of women, occupied the lower the size of clothing the first rank in the desires to change the appearance, the larger the size of the chest received the second highest(29%), and hoped that 21% of the women have to have legs longer, as wished by 18% toless wrinkled their skin .


Participated in the survey 1038 women aged between 25 and 45 years.

Source: German Press Agency

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