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Calls for continuous disinfection FIFA

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Called for an independent expert commissioned him to combating corruption the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) to provide scenarios for the reform of the Organization, to avoid the "consolidation of loyalty" and commitment to transparency as a step to clean up this institution.
The Swiss Marc Biit that, FIFA also address new ways to elect its president for greater transparency, in addition to the imposition of specific periods of the work of the officials to avoid establishing loyalties.
He said the international expert, "We are talking about serious things will not be admired of all."
Biit he said on FIFA to decide whether they will accept proposals for reform which is submitted and approved by the Union before the annual general meeting of members in May / May next year.
Team turbulentThe Biit, who was speaking to The Associated Press from the FIFA headquarters where he presented a preliminary report in which he proposed reforms of the Organization, to his role as an expert FIFA's "closest to the training of a troubled team trying to return to the path of virtue."
The Biit was achieved in the case of corruption program of the UN oil-for-food program for Iraq, and was an adviser to the Swiss government file anti-money laundering.
Has seen a number of recent scandals implicating high-ranking officials - including some members of the FIFA Executive Committee - in corruption scandals.
And put these scandals FIFA worst period of his over 107-year since its inception. Which prompted Joseph Blatter, President of the Organization of the Declaration to take measures to repair and restore the credibility and transparency of the Union, most notably the formation of a committee of experts for the rational management.

Source: Associated Press

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