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Last seven Iraqi Jews in danger

A Jewish synagogues in Iraq (AL Jazeera)

The Times said that the publication of the Wikileaks site and names of the last seven IraqiJews in Baghdad, making their lives at risk at any moment.

The newspaper quoted the priest Anglican of the city, Andrew White, saying that the church did what it could to protect them, although one of them was trying to leave while therejection of others so as to grow old in age, White said, "We were trying to help them but the publication of Wikileaks names work very, very serious."

The group had contacted the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in search of Jewish diplomats who can join them on religious occasions to complete the required number according toJewish law, but their names revealed when it was published and correspondence Chaeliksthe U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

The newspaper said the Today program on BBC prepared by Allen Antop issued a warning about the risks faced by the Jews when the seven broadcast this morning.

And Antop program is intended "The Last Jews of Iraq," which documents the exodus ofJews from Iraq, talking about who did not leave, and this program will be broadcasttomorrow on Channel Four broadcast the BBC.

White said that the Anglican Church in Baghdad, trying to care for Jewish places in Iraq, and added that he visited the tomb of Ezekiel last week and found that it needed major repairs.

Source: Times

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