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Syria and the new toll revenues exceeded 3500

He said activists and human rights organizations that the Syrian forces on Tuesday killedmore civilians in Homs and Hama, was killed eight of its members shot dead by dissident, at a time when the United Nations announced that the death toll since the protests beganmore than 3500.

The activist said Sufian Abu Waleed member of the public of the revolution in Syria Homsthat the shelling of the island continued to neighborhoods in the city, particularly the district of Baba Amr, who fell by the largest number of deaths in the past few days.

He added that parents Hiawa four people were killed earlier, including a child at the age often, referring to the two demonstrations in the neighborhood of Bayada Hashidtin Homs inthe nearby town of Hula, which in turn was bombed.

And entered on Monday, troops of the army-backed militias and security Cbihh the southern and western neighborhood Baba Amr operations lasted about a week and caused more than a hundred people dead, according to activists.

Homs and Hama
The news agency Associated Press reported activist Salem Al-Homsi that a man and a woman were killed this morning in the neighborhood of Baba Amr shot of the Syrian forceslaunched raids and arrests of wanted militants.
He spoke the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, in turn, killed a man and a woman died of her wounds in the same neighborhood, who pulled out of the battalion Farouk free after the Syrian army has tried for days to protect the population.
According to the Observatory, the child also killed when a shell hit the anti-tank her family's home in the neighborhood clan in Homs, Syrian activists announced by the city affected by what right the killing and destruction.
He accused the Syrian National Council, forces loyal to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad of committing massacres in Homs, which cut off most of its neighborhoods, water, electricity and communications.
The Syrian Observatory may occur from the killing of at least ten people in Homs, Hama and Idlib and Damascus. In addition to Homs, including military operations in the past few hours, areas in the governorate of Hama, including the town of Kafr Zeta.
Omar said Adalba member of the Syrian National Council, told the German news that three people were killed and dozens injured in the bombing targeted those areas Hama, referring to the complete breakdown of the components of Cbihh who Adhmun houses and arresting people. Haz did not prevent campaigns from the demonstrations in Hama and surroundings on Tuesday, according to activists.
Ambush and clashesIn the context of developments in the field as well, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to Osmaana members of the military, security and Cbihh killed in an ambush by renegade soldiers, probably south of the city Ma'arrat Numan Idleb province, which lies near the border with Turkey.
He spoke the observatory at the same time for violent clashes between the regular army and dissidents on Tuesday morning near the lion's medical complex, and in the neighborhoods south of the stadium, the present and Almzarb in the city of Hama.
According to the observatory, the similar violent clashes took place the night before last years in the town of Homs Governorate short.
The Observatory and the tank wagon to the security forces were destroyed during the clashes.
And on this particular incident, said the Syrian army in a statement that the free range of its battalion Farooq addressed the forces loyal to the regime near the mosque, Abdul Rahman, confirming the destruction of two vehicles and a bus and killed more than twenty of the security elements.
Outcome of the UNIn the meantime, the Office of the United Nations human rights today that the campaign waged by the Syrian forces on protesters since mid-March / March, left more than 3,500 people.
The Ravenna Chamdasana Office spokeswoman told reporters in Geneva "brutal government crackdown on dissidents in Syria so far claimed the lives of more than 3500 Syrian."
She added, "since it was signed by Syria to the peace plan sponsored by the League of Arab States last week, reportedly killing more than sixty people at the hands of the army and security forces at least 19 of them were killed on Sunday, the first day of Eid al-Adha."
Syrian activists say the death toll exceeded four thousand, while the outcome of the last Syrian official says the death toll exceeding 1,400 at least half of the military who were killed by "armed gangs".

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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