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If you think that masculinity in male and testicles!! With the biggest ass you

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Said one of the scholars of God:

If you think that masculinity in male and testicles!! With the biggest ass you

If you think that eating too much in manhood!! Bull eat more than you

If I think of manhood in courage!! I encourage you to Assad
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If you think that manhood in intercourse!! Your parents than you

If you think that manhood to raise your voice when angry!!
Monkey than you

If you think that manhood in grins and not smiling
Animals are all over you and this print

But manhood in the verse:

((In houses of God to lift a mention of his name in which he swims in the mornings and evenings * Men whom neither trade nor sale from remembrance of Allah, establishing prayer, paying zakat they fear a Day when hearts and eyes))

God made me and you and loved ones of them Amen

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