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Obesity increases in children with asthma

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Researchers have warned that children who are obese or suffer from obesity in the seven years of age are at more than children with normal weight to suffer from asthma when they reach the age of eight and more.

According to Health Day News site that American researchers in Sweden followed more than two thousand children for eight years, and obtained data on height and weight when they were in the first year of life and the 18 month and the fourth year and then seven years old.

And parents of children filled the form for the health of their children, including asthma or allergies.

It turns out that they were of normal weight in early childhood and increased their weight in the seven years of age were more likely to suffer from asthma than children with normal weight.

The children who were obese at the beginning of their childhood and have lost their excessweight with the achievement of seven years old, were not at risk of suffering from asthmamore than others.

So the researchers advised parents to be careful on the weight of a normal child at the age of seven years old in order to protect more of the risk of asthma.

Source: UP

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