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Israel for its crimes trial

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Violette Dagher

Israel also is no futurein spite of all (and mostly because of) what it did from the sinsagainst the Palestinian people, since 60 years which reflect on this earth and Tkotaiaaleaders urged the annexationand Bansanha ill or killed, and distraction.

Obligatory pushed back to stand on the process of cutting apart the wall of apartheid andhundreds of checkpoints, both fixed and mobileto paralyze the movement of Palestiniansand the assassination of their ability to live and work, and on brandishing invasions over their heads day and night and depriving them a sense of security and safety in their own country.
I saw how being the Judaization of Jerusalem in full swing to become the capital of Israel and not the promised Palestinian state, and how it grows settlements mushroomed in every place, inhabited by foreigners prospects came from all over the world to steal this land and give all rights and privileges, simply because they are Jews is sometimes claimed that, at the expense of the rights of the indigenous people who are denied the right to return to their homes, including those displaced from their villages and stayed in Palestine.
These kinds of suffering and they are left humiliated and prevented from communicating with each other that did not get a license or permission to justify moving from one place to another, so that the right of a foreign tourist is not entitled to them.
But this visitor, when it is of Arab descent or there is that it is permissible to refer to his visit to Arab countries, not just a doubt in his desire to see the status or solidarity with the Palestinians, therefore, compelled often to undergo a lengthy investigation and stop hours in the airport waiting for permission to enter, that did not respond to its wake where it came from, for example, as happened recently with the Special Rapporteur on Palestine of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and many others.
Everything in historical Palestine occupied in 48 or 67 demonstrates that the Palestinian is undesirable in any place on this holy land, whether belonging to the authorities of the Jewish state directly or reality principle, under the management of the Palestinian Authority or trapped within the walls of a large prison, and almost cut off from the world called the Gaza Strip.
Is in all cases subject to undergo an occupying power, is still considered in the literature dominant Western democratic state, although aware of this West schemes stomach waiting to put successively into effect, to empty the land of its indigenous population of all illegal means in particular, which are imposed by force, lies, murder and displacement.Only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian, said one Israeli war criminals.
Schemes designed to change the map of the Middle East and lay hands on the wealth summoned, as in the tours and Alsolat earlier in Iraq, Lebanon and others, to prepare the atmosphere of rigging facts and the use of media and fabrication of lies and propaganda to demonize the enemy, so you can jump it with minimal losses ethical as possible.
Came the campaigns that produced the so-called Islamophobia in the West to allow transfer of resistant (specifically Islamic) to the terrorist and extremist is prohibited to deal with.
And managed the so-called war on terrorism from striking humanitarian associations and charities (even independent figures her crime to defend just causes) and the freezing of assets and the arrest of its work.
The easy stripping the victim of the attributes of humanity tighten grip on them, but do not hold them accountable for the sins committed in the right. Thus, over the years, involved the so-called Western democracies and international institutions and non-governmental bodies in the process.
Within this context, the sheer nonsense that has been said about the responsibility of Hamas halted what was called a truce, in the cause of the Gaza Strip in the Holocaust, which bombarded him still for more than two weeks, fire, sea, air and land, day and night, of weapons, including what is forbidden internationally, causing death and destruction everywhere.
The Israeli army violated many times this calm when he was attending a long time for this tour, after a siege of a criminal strike on Gaza for months throughout.
But what is happening today in this city of enduring unspeakable massacres offset by a strong backlash from civil societies, particularly as the civilian resistance movements and the globalization of alternative had been launched and accumulated achievements in cross-border solidarity and intercultural communication and cooperation between peoples.
Support for the resistors in the recovery of the rights and defending the right to life stems from the fact that the resistance right and the obligation guaranteed by international norms, and since the text of the American Declaration of Independence (07/04/1776) explicitly on the right, as of the fair authority are those which arise from the agreement governed .Came after the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen" (1789 m) the French, to recognize four natural rights of man may not touch them: the right of ownership, the right to liberty, right to security, the right to resist injustice and tyranny.
But Europe is benefiting from direct colonialism would be the last adopters of the concept of resistance to colonialism and the other consenting to the idea of ​​self-determination.With the national liberation movements that began to grow everywhere made it possible to defend a long time on the subject of minor peoples, and it is right to protect the Palestinian people, international responsibility.
Taking came the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the resistance, so that "no one turns it to the last rebellion," The abolition of this right from the dictionary of human rights, I mean not only the triumph of injustice and slavery, but rather perpetuate extremism and terrorism.
It may be civil disobedience, or any movements of the type of military coups, or at least a third intifada in Palestine is what can be seen in the near future, as expressions of this resentment and boiling the Arab public, which exceeded expectations, after the Palestinian division has spent many of the case.
All demands, then corrected the course of this move and a positive investment to meet the law of force and the imposition of the force of law, through the forms is not afraid of penetration and adaptation, and liquefaction. The heart of the rules of the game and change the equations wrong and double standards that are still around in its orbit.
Development of the law is not only to protect the people from the oppression of those who have wealth and power, but also to protect them from their perversions Tchouathm mental and psychological. Especially that what is happening in Gaza amount to war crimes by the UN Charter.
Development of this sector which is under Israeli occupation formally required the occupying power to respect the Fourth Geneva Convention to protect civilians. As well as its military actions and invalidate Article 402 of the UN Charter, which prohibits the use of force in international relations, and Article 201 which affirms the right of peoples to self-determination. The siege of Gaza several months ago, it also violates the fundamentals of international law and humanitarian law.
If they hit the Jewish state laws and the laws and values ​​of the wall, because it enjoys the protection established by the above international law and above accountability. But also by weak transfer mechanisms to eliminate impunity.
So you must expand the forms of solidarity and networking between the Liberals and Democrats of the world, to put pressure on those who represent them to change their attitudes that are harmful to their people, and correction mechanisms of international institutions concerned. In order to prosecute criminals against humanity before international tribunals or domestic worthy of designation.
The decisions of the General Assembly of the United Nations has identified since the first half of the seventies in the basic definitions of the crime of aggression and war and established the foundations of international cooperation in the prosecution and trial of war criminals and crime against humanity.
The face of these crimes must be made on several fronts: media, political, economic, humanitarian, legal and regulatory. Required legal, that will not show results in the short term, go to the International Criminal Court (not the Court of Justice, which is intermediate between the states and assume the intervention of the Security Council or the General Assembly of the United Nations) by human rights organizations or the representative of the victim, to put pressure on the Prosecutor to initiate an investigation field in the crimes committed and the installation status of the war crime against persons accused of certain.
As the Israeli government has not ratified the Treaty of Rome, was in August / August 1998 in only six countries declined, it can be ratified by any country to demand it. So Western countries must be accountable to address the responsibilities and provide follow-up to war crimes proceedings before the International Criminal Court.
The universal jurisdiction allowing, in theory at least in 47 countries of the Council of Europe, progress claims in its courts even if the offender holds the nationality of the country. Comes in the forefront of Spain's laws that seem the most power in this regard.
It is enough to carry the victim's nationality of the country, which raises the proceedings before serving is entitled to prosecute those involved in crimes against unknown by or against a particular person from Israeli officials, even if immunity, because immunity does not protect in the event of war crimes.
Although no activation of these mechanisms enough, we do not forget that many, especially the Israelis, can not travel to Europe for fear of arrest under the criminal jurisdiction of this world.
If the system is responsible for the entire international committed the massacres in Gaza today, Vligmadh eye on the settlement and Zionist practices in Palestine and cover the crimes of the occupation, whether by American or European or Arab.
As well as United Nations organizations: Human Rights Council and the General Assembly and Security Council in particular, a large role in that. The latter, by granting the right of veto, which is primarily known consensus is illegal because it is provided in its rules of procedure, treating Israel as a member, through the continued U.S. intervention to block any resolution calling for the prosecution. So what has been a mockery of all the decisions taken in the right shall not be required to apply it.
As for France, was awarded the State of Israel had on 8 December / December 2008 and before the end of its presidency of the European Union level partner possess all the specifications of membership.
This decision was taken against the wishes of the European Parliament, who believed that it did not provide any guarantee of Israel to respect the fundamental rights and freedoms that are built into the structure of the European Foundation. So Tnadt Arab and European associations to file a lawsuit to reverse the agreement before the expiration of 60 days from the signing and entry into the application.
The campaign is not only legal, but go to the public to be informed of the violations, which resort to the countries of the European Union to strengthen the resolve of the country in flagrant violation of international law, frequently, and, above all European citizens, demanding to bear the expense of it.
Here we ask bilateral Sarkozy and Kouchner, who have made this achievement, if all that has been crimes in Gaza do not deserve to drop the Convention? Mr. Kouchner also ask for humanitarian corridors invented to allow the intervention in the affairs of the time of disaster and that we have not heard anything about him today? Or that the Palestinian is outside the category that makes him human beings worthy of protection and to demand justice?
Universal rights and equality of nations gives the possibility to go to the General Assemblyof the United Nations, which often show the positions of relatively good, but not efficient, to approve the special court of crimes of Israel.

It should also reduce the status of this entity from a Member State of the United Nations to the observer (ie, a Jewish agency). In the end, citizens can create a conscience of thecourt along the lines of the Russell Tribunal and the Court of Cairo to try Bush / Rumsfeld /Sharon and the Brussels Tribunal on Israel's crimes in Lebanon, the erosion of theseformal institutions and show the right of public opinion.

The Zionist lobbies were very active politically, economically and in the media, both from within the international institutions or some Western governments and sometimes Arabic.

In this context, we say the example is not limited to, the Jewish state continues to receivecompensation until the day of the federal Swiss, because they closed their borders to exitat the death by the Nazis!.

Source: Al Jazeera

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