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Quarter of Berlin hate foreigners

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Khaled Schmidt - Berlin

Warned the German field study perceptions of the prevalence of negative stereotypesamong the large numbers of the population of Berlin against foreigners and immigrants, mostly Arabs, Turks and Russians.

The study issued by the Institute for the Study trends of public and marketing entitled (the level of tolerance in Berlin) that 26% of the population of the capital with the provisions of the lump sum advance against foreigners and immigrants, and noted that the majority of them kept in the corresponding relations of transient or ties of friendship with foreignersliving in Berlin.

Said Holger Iliperg - Director of the Institute - The results revealed by the study showed that the proportion of those who reject foreigners in Berlin is high compared to othergeographic reach in the German rate of rejection of non-Germans to 19% according toofficial statistics.

The risk of cultural
The study pointed out that one of every four Germans in Berlin refused to foreigners orimmigrants, and said that a quarter of those surveyed responded positively to the two questions of three questions directed to them is: should return foreigners to their countries of origin? Are large numbers of immigrants are responsible for the spread ofunemployment in Germany? Should the Germans to use violence when necessary todefend their culture?

The study said that about 40% of the population of the German capital see Islam as a threat to their culture with 25% Judaism sees this risk, the study showed that most of those polled by telephone supported this view strongly and clearly.

The study, however, that 68% of the population of the capital, consider the Muslims to a component of their city such as Christians and Jews, and noted that 40% of the population of the capital are not comfortable to live next to immigrants or their children, and warned that 17% of the capital's population favored the Greeks or Italians or Poles neighbors living on the Arabs or Turks or the Russians.

The study pointed out that these negative stereotypes towards foreigners and immigrants "are spread among more than 45 years of age and have low levels of educational and professional levels and increase the low districts of East Berlin from their counterparts in western city."

Poverty and rejection
For its part, saw the Commissioner-General for integration in Berlin, Professor Barbara John that the results of the study brought the message is unexpected because it revealed the growing climate of hostility to foreigners in Berlin, although witnessed by the capital in recent years have improved the situation of the labor market, high level of education of migrants and their children.

The John - through its participation by providing the study - that the famous Berlin as the capital of the poor, not surprisingly the prevalence of stereotypes against foreigners there.

And called for improved economic conditions in the German capital, saying that "an increase of 1% growth rates have a positive impact better than a thousand cycle ofintegration."

Supported 90% of respondents requiring foreigners to learn and master the German language, and considered that this is the best way to integrate into the community, andindicated that the majority of the population of Berlin respondents said they had casual relationships with non-Germans, especially in the workplace.

The study came after days of linking the results of a study conducted by Professor ofConflict and Violence Research at the University of Bielefeld Wilhelm Heitmeyer, between the high rates of racism and violence against foreigners in Germany and the current global financial crisis.

The second study showed that the years following the start of the crisis in 2008 saw an increasing spread of negative stereotypes of minorities as foreigners, the unemployedand displaced persons.

And concluded that the way in which many German Muslims ranged between suspicion and hostility, and warned that more of the respondents said they had the problem ofhousing in neighborhoods inhabited by Muslims.
Source: Al Jazeera

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