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Two Chinese celebrate celebrate their ninetieth

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Birthday today transcended percent in two Chinese celebrate their ninetieth, emphasizing the many years they lived a happy life free from problems and fights. The couple attributed the secret of prolonging their lives to working in the cultivation of the earth every day, and satisfaction with the lion.
According to the New China News Agency "Xinhua", Yang Chang-jung, aged 109 years and his wife, Jane G art of his junior by three years (106 years) of the County Qocho in the south-west celebrate celebrate their ninetieth, and confirm that their married life simple and happy and free from fights and problems .

Despite the recognition of the couple - who are considered the Chinese Society of aging duo older - there are some minor differences in the first years of marriage, they quickly confirmed disappearance over the years.

And cross-Yang Chang-jung expressed his love and gratitude to his wife saying, "It was a virtuous wife, and still brings food to me her hand even now."

In turn, his wife said she lives her life experience, "she married and am no more than 16 years, and throughout the years of our marriage was treating me with kindness and love, and I want to live with him for life."

And the secret of longevity of marriage, the couple said he was "hard work and satisfaction with the lion, understanding and interdependence between family members, however there were problems between them."

The couple attributed the secret of prolonging their lives to working in the cultivation of the earth every day and inner peace, and said they often communicated road signs and gestures due to the drop Samahma.

Source: UPI

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