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What makes Pluto a red?
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Monitoring of the Hubble Space Telescope features a complex hydrocarbon molecules of a compound on the surface of Pluto, similar to the first life on Earth.
It seems that the feature of this compound a strong absorber of ultraviolet radiation on the surface of the ice dwarf planet rock.
It is likely that these hydrocarbons may be released by the sun or cosmic rays interacting with methane and carbon monoxide and nitrogen trapped in the ice on the surface of Pluto.
Said Alan Stern of Southwest Research Institute in the United States that this discovery exciting because Pluto hydrocarbons may be responsible for the red dye color of the planet.
Scientists also discovered evidence of changes in the atmosphere of Pluto with the differences in the ultraviolet spectrum compared to the Hubble measurements since the nineties. This could be due to changes in atmospheric pressure or were due to look at different areas.
The Western "This discovery, which we reached by Hubble reminds us that even the discoveries of the most exciting on the composition of Pluto and the evolution of its surface is likely to be an asset when they reach the spacecraft New Horizons of the National Commission for Management Research Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to the planet Pluto in 2015 ".

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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