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Netherlands Silicon adulterated under another name
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A picture of Jean-Claude Mas published by Interpol (French)
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Dutch health official said on Monday that the breast tissue, potentially dangerous sold by a French company is currently suspended from work for about a thousand Dutch woman under a different name.
Diane explained Bouwhuis spokeswoman for the Health of the Netherlands, a Dutch company bought the tissue created by the company "Polly Ompelnt Protais" French went bankrupt in 2010 after the French health authorities have closed down, which they sold in the Netherlands is a new brand "M tissues."
Bouwhuis and refused to disclose the name of the Dutch company to sign on estimates that about a thousand women in the Netherlands got these tissues.
It is expected that this permit is responsible for the Dutch to expand the debate on the French company Poly Ompelnt Protais once the third largest manufacturer of breast tissue in the world.
And urged the French government thirty thousand women in France had put tissue poly Ompelnt Protais company to remove them, said while other countries, including Britain and Brazil should be on women surgeons review for tests.
No mention of health authorities to evidence of increased cancer risk due to firm tissue poly Ompelnt Protais but stressed that they involve the highest rates of rupture may cause inflammation and irritation.
The International Police (Interpol) prosecute Jean-Claude Mas (72 years), the founder of Poly Ompelnt Protais at the request of Costa Rica for crimes related to "life and health."
And accuses the company Poly Ompelnt Protais founded by diamond production silicon is used mainly in the stuffing for mattresses grown in the breasts of women. The company declared bankruptcy last year after it was banned the marketing and use of its products.

Source: Reuters

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