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Talk about the leadership transition in North Korea
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The body of Kim Jong Il (French)
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Intelligence suggested that the leadership of South Korea will hold the power transition in North Korea until the successor of late leader Kim Jong Il is able to take power alone.
It said the National Intelligence in Seoul - according to the South Korean news agency "Yonhap" - on Wednesday in a report delivered to Parliament, that this leadership interim will be handled by a committee of the ruling Labour Party in North Korea, led by Kim Yong-en, son of the late leader, who was appointed to lead the country .
The same sources said that the Intelligence Service in Seoul is expected to focus neighbor, Pyongyang's interest in the process of smooth transition for the benefit of Kim Yong-en.
While diplomats and analysts trying to understand what can happen in this country during the transition period, discussed China with Russia and Japan, the importance of maintaining stability on the Korean peninsula after the death of Kim Jong Il (69 years).
The news agency said that China's new Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi held telephone talks with his Japanese Koichiro Gimba and Sergei Lavrov, told them that "maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula serves the common interest of all parties."
Also announced that China - the basic ally of Pyongyang - Tuesday they discussed with the United States and South Korea, the importance of maintaining stability on the Korean peninsula on the occasion of the transition in power.
And to emphasize the strength of relations between Beijing and Pyongyang, President Hu Jintao on Tuesday to the North Korean embassy in Beijing, where he offered condolences for the death of person Kim Jong Il, as the President of the Chinese government the same thing Wen Jiabao on Wednesday.

Aware of deathOn the other hand, revealed a South Korean newspaper said on Wednesday that China has learned on Saturday that the North Korean leader died that day and two days before the official announcement issued by Pyongyang.
The newspaper quoted "Jong inches IBO" the source did not disclose it in Beijing as saying that the Chinese ambassador to North Korea got the intelligence for the death of Kim and reported by Beijing on 17 December / December, the day he died, Kim while he was on a train.
The paper quoted the source as saying that North Korea notified the death of Kim from China through diplomatic channels the next day.
But the South Korean Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that China has not learned the death of Kim before the public announcement by North Korea.
It is reported that senior intelligence officials and the military in South Korea have been criticized for failing to see the death of Kim before the official announcement issued by Pyongyang.
When he left South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on his official visit to Japan last week, North Korean leader had died about four hours, which indicates that it is not Seoul or Tokyo, or Washington, had the idea for his death.
State television announced for North Korea on Monday that leader Kim Jong Il, died last Saturday morning while on a trip by train, and declared the country for a period of mourning will last until the 29th of this month.
According to the announcement, Kim died because of "excessive physical and mental work." The news agency said the North Korean official ceremony of the funeral of North Korean leader will be held on December 28 / this December in Pyongyang.

Source: Agencies

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