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"NASA explore the unknown of the Moon
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Upon the arrival of two devices to a distance of 55 km from the surface of the moon Sabtianor speed up depending on gravity (European - Archive)

Up robot device launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)to the Moon within hours, to resolve the ambiguity of a long-standing Version Email on the moon.

And launched two devices which they called the "Graal", with an estimated weigh 303 kgto the moon since they were sent in September / September last, two of the industryrecovery unit gravity and laboratory procedure in the "NASA".

It is scheduled to begin "Graal any" maneuver takes 40 minutes to put himself in an orbitaround the moon at exactly at 21:21 GMT, Saturdayand the "Graal me" the same job after five and twenty hours. The devices are required for the task of mapping the gravity starts in March / March.

Once the two devices up to a distance of 55 km from the surface of the moon Christleghanon one line and Slow or speed up depending on gravity. By measuring changes in distance between the two devices, scientists can prepare a map of the gravity on the moon.

And changes in speed will be very precise, such as part of a micron per second andmicron widths almost red blood cell.

The data will be used in the work of a model of the inner part of the moon which is the main part of the information still missing, despite the launch of a hundred earlier mission to the moon.

Source: Reuters

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