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Drugs do not prevent nicotine from smoking

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Altdkhiosdr Club German pharmacists warning Nnbh thereby to drugs that contain nicotine, which dealt with smokers for smoking cessation may help them in their quest, but it is not the optimal solution.
The Andreas Kiefer - one of the members of the club, which is based in the capital Berlin, Germany - The "smoking as everyone knows where serious damage to human health, this All-smokers almost tried at some time in their lives to stop the habit, but this is difficult because the consumption cigarettes results in a kind of dependency. "
And "That's medicines that contain nicotine, it did help smokers to avoid cigarette consumption but not the most effective solution against the issue of dependency."
It is well known - as the German Club pharmacists - that smokers who consume cigarettes at specific times, such as periods after meals, when they want to quit smoking habit should be to look for alternative habits to dispel the desire in the consumption of cigarettes.
If the craving for cigarettes, the desire of sweeping, "he can count the smoker to resist through three stages. First to postpone the issue of smoking and take deep breaths ten times in a row, then avoid approaching the place where a thousand smoking it, and try later to do another activity to distract himself such as the one to talk to business associates, for example through his mobile phone. "
Experts argue that taking medications containing nicotine is only a temporary measure, because of the dependency that are large in smokers of cigarettes, these drugs become distractions, such as chewing gum and other disks that are usually taken to distract the smoker and the reduction of his desire to take the cigarette.

Source: DBA

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