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Muslim leaders are boycotting the mayor of New York

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A number of Muslim leaders boycott call New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's annual breakfast, which he addressed to the religious symbols of the city to protest what they called "unfair control on Muslims by the New York police."
Through 14 and the leader of the Muslims in the city in a letter to Bloomberg, alarmed by the reports which appeared in The Associated Press for the control of the New York Police and Muslims gather information about them.
The letter stated that the leaders of the Muslims - who make up at least 10% of the city's population - are seeking to hold a meeting with the Mayor of the city to discuss the issues raised by the reports.
The letter added, "We believe it is wrong to unequivocally the use of law in religious or ethnic discrimination, rather than the investigation of suspicious activities."
For his part, denied the city's police chief Raymond Kelly and Walker, the accusations, saying police did not target Muslims.
He said the Police Department spokesman Paul J. Brown, "The New York police follow the law in terrorism-related investigations and not to engage in this type of spying on communities."
The documents reviewed by The Associated Press that the men of the secret police visited a number of local companies such as Islamic libraries, cafes, and Tgazbwa chatted with shop owners to identify, measure and ethnic views.
For his part, said one of the imams of signatories to the letter, "They appreciate the strong support to the mayor of New York last year during the uproar on the establishment of an Islamic center near the World Trade Center site." But he added that they "were disappointed about the police efforts to penetrate Muslim communities and mosques."
A spokesman for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Michael Curtin said the agency opposes discrimination against minorities. "Some terrorist and criminal groups targeting ethnic communities and geographical or damage for recruitment. This fact must be taken into account when determining whether there are threats to the United States."
The Muslims in New York called for extensive investigations and hearings of the Executive Council of New York's mayor after the press reports on the operations of spying on Muslims.
Union also condemned the American Civil Liberties reports. A member of the Union in New York Audi Aovar The observations "wasted precious resources and raises constitutional issues."
States that prohibited the Central Intelligence Agency to conduct domestic spying.

Source: Agencies
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