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Killed 2 in an attack on two bars, Kenya
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The effects of the explosion of a bomb a bar in the Kenyan capital Nairobi in October / November last (European - Archive)                                                                                     
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At least two people were killed and wounded 28 others including security men shot dead by gunmen on Sunday attacked two bars in the north-eastern Kenya.

A witness said the Kenyan police said two people were killed when gunmen sprayed people who were celebrating the New Year in two bars in the north east of the country, in the latest wave of attacks near the border with Somalia.

The worker in one of the Alhantin in the town of Garissa, gunmen arrived in a car and opened fire on Alhantin then set off on the run.

The witness stated that "these men opened fire on the guard at first, and then fired more shots at those who were trying to leave, as well as persons who were present at the entrance."
It is noteworthy that 14 people were injured in the October / November after exposure bar middle of the Kenyan capital Nairobi for a grenade attack. The police accused the Kenyan Somali Mujahidin Youth Movement carrying out the attack was launched after threats following the post Kenyan troops in attacks on sites of movement in Somalia.

Troops crossed the Kenyan border into Somalia in October / November to attack by the Mujahideen Youth Movement Kenya receive blamed for kidnappings and attacks across the border into its territory. But the group denies responsibility for the abductions and vowed to refund a large Kenya.

Source: Reuters
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