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Bone fractures haunt Americans

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Transported hundreds of thousands of people in the United States annually to hospital emergency rooms because of the broken arm, a U.S. study indicated that this figure could rise by a third in 2030, prompting the researchers to claim to intensify prevention programs of bone fractures.

The increasing incidence of arm fractures among women in the age of more than forty men after sixty, and may be due to falls and osteoporosis.
He reviewed the medical team headed by Sunny Kim, University of California data consisted of 28 million visits to emergency departments in the United States in 2008 and reached 370 thousand to monitor cases of humeral fractures in the upper part of the arm.
The results of the study indicated that children between five and nine representing the highest overall incidence of humeral fractures also recorded a large proportion of these infections among those who are oldest.
Expect moreAccording to the results of the study, said about half the incidence of fractures treated in 2008 were at the edge of humeral, an infection linked to always falling, and most of these cases among males and females after age 45, with continued increase in these ratios to the age of 84 females and 89 males.
The study said that women suffer from this type of injury rate more than doubled in fairly young age, due primarily researchers at the School of Medicine, University of California to the decline of bone density and the incidence of fragility.
Although the number of U.S. residents aged 65 years and more came to about 39 million in 2008, this number could reach to 71.5 million in 2030.

Researchers predict that the number of cases of humeral fractures to 490 thousand cases in 2030 with a possible increase in these injuries among the elderly, also found that 88% of cases due to accidents fall.

Source: Reuters

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