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Unlike American to receive the Yemeni president

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Seems that the position of the United States from granting Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh visa for medical treatment is not subject to the agreement, varied points of view in the two Americas Avctahitehma on the matter, one Verwdth and accepted by the other.

The newspaper said the Washington Post in an editorial that he should not be given for a visa to enter the United States, under the pretext that the rule of his country for more than three decades and left a mess and a safe haven for al Qaeda, in addition to what it called the chaos and political conflicts taking place in Yemen.

It also considers that the United States should provide a safe haven for tyrannical rule of his country with iron and fire and tried to suppress a popular uprising called democracy, which killed many civilians Yemeni rebels in a violent manner and in cold blood.

Ago and that the granting of U.S. visas for the benefit of that would contribute to distort the image of the country in Yemen and the Middle East in general.

The paper concluded that if it is not necessary to provide treatment for or if he is traveling outside his country is desirable, Switzerland is a travel destination and a haven for an excellent occasion to him, and give him a visa because the U.S. would harm U.S. interests.

The New York Times said that the benefit of receiving treatment in the United States, under strict restrictions would remove him from his country and thus accelerate the transfer of power in the country, and even put an end to repression, which kills hundreds of Yemenis.

The New York Times to what she connects the debate in political circles in the U.S. on the willingness of the United States to receive the benefit of treatment in the absence of consent to U.S. officials do not appear as if their country and provide a haven for a tyrant caused the killing of many people.

But the newspaper said that the request for admission to enter the United States may contribute to calming tensions taking place in Yemen, and thus open the way for presidential elections to get rid of the Yemen crisis crunch.

The New York Times pointed to what it described the cooperative role played by the Yemeni President in the face of the base.

Source: The Washington Post New York Times

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