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Silicon fiddled raises a stir in France

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The company's founder accused of scandal and its president, Jean-diamond silicon is still silent about it (French)

Raised the scandal tainted silicon - which is produced by one of the companies used in breast implants for more than 300 thousand women across the world - an uproar in France; amid health concerns of a large number of women with serious diseases most notably cancer.
He called French Health Minister Xavier Bertrand Saturday to find the company owner accused of industrial production of silicon did not allow health authorities to use in cosmetic surgery of the breast.
He described the Brattran scandal that escalate as the "mysterious activity", and that the owner of the company and its officials to clarify their actions that are likely to affect over 300 thousand women in the world.
The French Minister of Health "This is a mysterious activity involves a great deal of money."
Has not appeared in Jean-Claude Mas (72 years), the founder and CEO of the company "Polly Ompelnt Protais" French, or speaking on the occasion of a public, since the scandal broke.
In contrast, the company's lawyer said that the diamond and the chief financial managers silent "out of decency and prudence," but they are still in the south of France.
The company is facing charges of using industrial silicon below the level in some products used in cosmetic surgery breast, which was sold at the global level by dragging them from the market in 2010.
She stressed the international police (Interpol) issued Saturday that it had the so-called "red notices" against Diamond, but explained that this memo had nothing to do activities in the company.
She said that the note related to the issue in Costa Rica in June 2010, when police said there is Diamond was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, but he fled the country and did not appear in court on time.
And questioned by police a short time in MAS in November 2010, but was never summoned to appear before the court, but a judicial source said that a criminal court in Marseille was charged with aggravated fraud to between four and six executives in the company.
The French Ministry of Health had recommended on Friday to conduct operations for 30 thousand women have undergone the process of silicon implants in their breasts bad to remove that article as a precaution.
The ministry said in a statement that "the obvious risks relating to transplantation is the occurrence of ruptures in the gel, and impact of the strong irritant to the tissues of the body, which can lead to inflammation, making removal difficult."
Cases of cancerRaised the panic of those operations in France after a woman died (53 years) underwent silicone implants in her breasts by her is a rare tumor of the breast lymphatic system, which hit last November, in addition to the presence of eight cases of their owners suffered from cancer.
In Morocco, called on the Ministry of Health to convene an emergency meeting on Monday against the backdrop of the victims call to remove the fillings.
According to the Moroccan newspaper Al-Sabah in its edition of Saturday that the Moroccan Ministry of Health will look at the upcoming meeting with the private clinics and specialists and the doctors cosmetic issue, and will consider the inputs used in cosmetics and their suitability.
The newspaper added that in the absence of a law regulating the import from abroad are not subject to the materials used in cosmetics and all the so-called quasi-medical materials for any other law, which allows companies to import a range of relevant material without the slightest control.
The company Poly Ompelnt Protais - the third largest company in the production of silicone used in breast augmentation - the distribution of its products in more than 65 countries, especially Latin America and Europe.

Source: Agencies

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