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Distress of Arab prisoners in Iraq

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Iraqi prisons filled with unknown numbers of Arab prisoners (Reuters - Archive)

Alice - a special

Appealed to the Arab prisoners in Iraq, their governments, and human rights organizations, Arab and Islamic views of the United Nations to immediately intervene in the Iraqi government to release them or deport them to their home countries to complete the sentences of between 10 and 20 years in prison for crossing the border illegally, according to Article (10) of the Iraqi Penal Code, in addition to the provisions up to the death against a number of them.
And managed to Al Jazeera Net, in a gesture that is the first, to connect prisoners belonging to the countries of Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, has called on Arab and Muslim world pressure on governments and states to file termination of hundreds of Arab detainees in the prison of Kurdistan and several other prisons.

Sectarian differencesMohammed and must maintain shelf Algerian said he and a group with him languishing in Iraqi jails after the rejection power of attorney team to defend them seven years ago, and confirmed that they are being held under the provisions issued against them in advance of the U.S. investigators, and pointed out that the departure of U.S. forces is placed closer to death, inevitable, and called the University of Arab countries to make efforts to save them from the repercussions of sectarian differences.
He appealed to the Government of Algeria and must intervene for his release or transfer in accordance with the Convention on the exchange of prisoners to a safe place away from the sectarian tension.
And at the same Abdul Wadud, the pseudonym for a Saudi prisoner living in his family St Ibrahim Juffali in Makkah, said he hoped the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, work to end the plight of tens of Saudis after their arrest by U.S. forces, wondering why we stay in jail even after their withdrawal ?
Abdul Wadud does not know the future of Iraq today, saying he was surprised by his failure to sign the Convention on the exchange of prisoners with the Iraqi government.

Groans prisonSaudi detainee and transfer of the island from Iraqi government sources as saying that the completion of the deal to exchange prisoners, parked on the Saudi side, pleading with the Saudi rejection of political differences and move the humanitarian sense to save him from the suffering of Iraqi prisons.
Still Ali Salem Baidhani suffers from prison groans, stressing that the most interest to his countrymen is to reach beyond borders, denying the accusations, which he said "American fabrications false" and said that the Yemeni prisoners were among job seekers, students or residents.
He assured the island revealed that the government of Yemen attended in the years 2006 and 2008 did not adhere to the promises to end the case, appealing to Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Vice President of the Republic to intervene rapidly to the signing of a prisoner exchange with Iraq, or to obtain a pardon from President Jalal Talabani.
He explained that some of them fought in defense of U.S. forces from the blood of the Iraqi people, and today pay for the sacrifices in prison away from the glare of the world.
Just causeAnd Morocco lies Izz al-Din Mohamed Abdel-Salam from the state of Tangier, the region and stressed, in prison, saying exposure to the worst types of physical and psychological torture, deprivation of basic legal rights, appoint a defense, "I do not Responsive to our voice in the Arab human rights organizations and international."
He stressed that the Iraqi authorities have executed at Guantanamo Moroccan named Badri Achouri a month ago, he does not know whether the Moroccan Foreign aware of this rule or not.
He added that they did not hand over the body of the Moroccan to his family, unlike the bodies of the Egyptian and Tunisian, which they sent to their parents after the execution.
The Moroccan detainee asked "Are cheap Moroccan blood to such a degree?" And called on all the free to support the cause of humanity "fair."
In turn, send the Sudanese prisoner Noureddine Almenkal from the state of a message to"every free Muslim jealous of his religion" in view of the suffering of Arab prisoners since the beginning of the occupation of Iraq in 2003.

He said that they have passports and official documents refutes allegations of enteringillegally to Iraq, and stressed that Sudan, a prisoner about to execute the death sentenceagainst him.

He stressed that the suffering will increase with the departure of U.S. forces, and the deteriorating security situation, saying that the detention conditions were far from legal systems.

And across the Jordan Bilal Mahmoud Shobaki Terrified of imminent danger in Iraq, hecalls King Abdullah II of humanitarian intervention to save him from exile, and prison and mental state "hard."

While the Palestinian Izz al-Din asked that his family living in Bethlehem, Kim Razandistrict, which is an alias to pay attention to his case, he appealed to the detainee, Abdel-Raouf, "youth revolution" in solidarity with them in their plight.
Source: Al Jazeera

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