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Washington and pave the way for travel Yemeni President guarantees

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Two officials in the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama said Washington has decided in principle to allow the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to enter the United States for treatment, provided access to certain safeguards.
And the transfer of the website of the New York Times, U.S. officials as saying that these conditions which include a proposal for a route is valid, is not submitted to the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, has not issued any visas to the President of Yemen.
The official said the U.S. administration that there is no longer any "barrier" prevents the issuance of a visa for, pointing out that Yemen's President can enter the hospital, "New York - York-" By the end of this week to undergo additional treatment of the effects of burns he suffered due to exposure to an assassination attempt in the third the month of June last.
The question of allow for access to the United States has raised a strong debate within the administration, where some officials fear being criticized for providing a safe haven for personal Arab accused of killing hundreds of anti-government demonstrators, according to the newspaper.
If allowed to enter the United States in favor, it will be the first Arab leader to call for and granted an extended stay in America since the outbreak of political unrest in the Arab region a year ago.
Sources close to the presidency had expected to leave for the country to the United States in early January next on a private visit, devoted to medical examinations and additional plastic surgery.
The sources pointed out that Saleh would not return often to Yemen again, but after the early presidential elections on 21 February next to give the conditions for a national reconciliation government to prepare for the elections.

MeetingIn other developments, Yemeni President held a meeting with a ministerial committee and members of the popular committee to speed up the agreement of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to hand over power and discussed the current situation in the country.
The Yemeni-informed political sources had reported that Saleh met on Sunday his party's leadership of the General People's Congress and the ministers participating in the national reconciliation government headed by opposition leader Mohamed Salem Basendwah.
The sources said in press statements that Ali Saleh formed a committee of six people to manage the affairs of the party and the country during the period of travel for treatment in the United States, and that "the party" will be a presidential council undeclared (Presidency of the light) according to the same sources pointed out that the Vice-President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, "vowed not to make any decisions except by reference to the Committee."
ClashesContinue with the ongoing crisis and its impacts on the street, supporters battled the Islamist Islah party in Yemen on Tuesday with members of the Houthi group and exchanged punches and beatings Bahera and stones in the courtyard of Sanaa, wounding at least 20 people and reported according to activists.
The representative of Houthis The clashes broke out when supporters of the Reform Party attacked the tent to criticize the agreement, which is supposed to step down in favor of the power with which granted immunity in exchange for handing over power to his deputy, who is scheduled to collaborate with the Government of the Reform Party and other opposition parties before the presidential election.
He said the group's leader Abdul-Malik al-in a press statement Tuesday, "The elements of the reform of military militias attacked unfairly and unjustifiably on young people and the rebels who reject the initiative of the Gulf."
The initiative met with the GCC, which was signed on November 23 last President Saleh and the opposition coalition Joint Meeting to reject the other political forces that did not participate in the signature, including the Houthis and Southern Movement calling for the secession of South Yemen from the north.

Source: Agencies

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