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Deployment of infiltrators linked to the online group calling itself "Anonymous" hundreds of thousands of email addresses belonging to the participants in the company Strategic Forcastenj own analysis of information and thousands of credit card numbers of customers.

Included lists published on the Internet information on individuals, including Dan Quayle - Former U.S. Vice President - and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former director of the CIA Jim Woolsey, could not be reached for comment to any of them.

The lists also included information on large numbers of individuals working in large companies and the U.S. military, and senior defense contractors, an attacker could exploit the targeted e-mail messages carrying viruses to steal data.

The wing of a group called Antesic unknown days before he broke through the company, known widely as Stratfor, is described as a confidential basis for the CIA because it collects information that is confidential for international crises.

A spokesman for the group in a comment on Twitter that the e-mails stolen from the company will show that "Stratfor is not a company harmless as trying to portray itself."

Antesic did not say when the e-mails will be published, but security analysts say it may contain information that will embarrass the U.S. government.

In turn, the company reached its customers that it has suspended its services and e-mail on the pretext that their knowledge was piracy, stressing its commitment to the security of customers information.
She said in an email that they think that the names of its clients published on other sites and pledged serious investigation to make sure of how much information was stolen and legally pursue the perpetrators.

Source: Agencies

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