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The story of a girl under torture
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Mervat Sadiq - Ramallah

Long live the captive Palestinian liberated Bushra long, with five prisoners of other unforgettable memories, prior to their release Sunday as part of the second batch of the exchange deal between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), and also said "I did not sleep a few days ago and had my mind on hold a moment of release and meet my father and my mother only ".
The good news, who was arrested last July and did not exceed seven years after the has finished her school has just reported last Thursday to release them into the second batch of the exchange deal, the only prisoners close to the Hamas movement in this installment, which released 550 prisoners, most of the movement the National Liberation of Palestine (Fatah).
Under investigationShe spent Bushra, who was arrested on the seventh of July last 18 days in the ongoing investigation of the day and night, and several days in solitary confinement prisoners with Israeli women.
And tell the good news on the experience of hearing her mother, who sat close and she had the other arrested last year for several months, and the mother said, "look that the daughter did not leave her room after school books as if they grew a lot during the six months spent in detention."
And tell the good news first experience of the hardest days of the investigation, and remember how she was taken by the soldiers bound for the night from her home in the city of beer to the Compound interrogation center in Jerusalem, and from there to achieve the status of Ashkelon prison in the south.
In Ashkelon prison lived Bushra - as you say - days and nights without sleep or rest in the shadow of constant terms is restricted her hands and her feet back on the chair for more than ten hours sometimes, with screaming, persistent investigators who were repeating: "You are a child do not let your life goes on in prison! ".
Bushra and adds, "They were telling me to confess to charges of unspecified beginning, when I repeat that nothing I have to admit that it started the investigation with me constantly threaten me under the specter of torture and for 180 days."
And then - continued Palestinian girl - me repeat that I have become dangerous to the security of Israel, and I just devastating, and they are catching my father and my mother and Alqounama in the cells so that they force me to admit it.
Bushra said she suffered from severe cramps and pains in the back and limbs because of the duration of the Holy Ghost did not give her only the conventional housing, who had refused to take, the investigator shall reply to that by saying: You are in an Israeli prison and I'm not in the five-star hotel.
And when he decided to investigators displayed on the polygraph, says Bushra childhood too, "I called all night that pass through this exam successfully to get rid of the torment of the investigation," and after the revelation was informed that she was afraid was not their answers are clear, or that the device suffers from some deficiency!

InsulationAfter 18 days in the investigation, Bushra transferred to isolation ward in Ramle prison, but was surprised that the section is intended for women prisoners from Israeli Ganaúaat accused of crimes issues and some of them suffer from addiction.
She said "I could hear cursing and screaming all day and has developed in a very narrow cell, where I sleep and wake up on the cold floor tiles," to be transferred days later to the Department of Palestinian prisoners in Hasharon Prison.
Remember, good news that the passage was nothing compared with waged by prisoners under the torment of the investigation for months, but lived also experiences break rooms prisoners at night and beaten and forced to strip naked for inspection as a collective punishment, especially the strike of Palestinian prisoners beginning of Oktober / October.
But the good news for the girl, the experience of the release of 27 captive within the first batch of the exchange deal on 18 Oktober / October, and staying with ten other prisoners, there were the most difficult.
She said that despite the joy of the prisoners, especially of life imprisonment Mahkumat release about them, the joy turned to mourning time taking them out of the cells, and Rhan Atalguen iron doors and refuse to leave without us.
She adds that the captive liberated a number of prisoners have lost their awareness of whom Sa'di, which was compelling in the case of severe tiredness, but who have Bshbehn brutally beaten and threatened not to release all about them and disable the exchange deal in full.
She says that when prisoners leave prison with five last Sunday left five prisoners whom Lena Jerboni that remains of its seven years in captivity and suffering from health problems, noting that they feel abandoned to the exclusion of the exchange deal after he was suspended by the professions.
Remember, good news that the jailers were threatening prisoners five residues Balastafrad them and transferred to solitary confinement all prisoners with Ganaúaat.
But she, after her release, does not see in the experience of detention of the dark side only, recalling how committed itself since the beginning of her arrest to be in prison a turning point in her life, and embarked on a read whatever I found the books in the cell, which detained them for six months.

Source: Al Jazeera

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