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«Freedom House» Maspero massacre of the worst human rights violations in 2011

«فريدم هاوس» مذبحة ماسبيرو من أسوأ انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان في 2011

The Organization has developed «Freedom House» House of Freedoms prominent U.S. human rights and what they described as the massacre of the Copts in Egypt among its list of the worst Alanthecat against human rights in 2011.The group said "The world will remember as the years of the most experienced political and social change dramatically, especially in the Middle East.The organization said in its best and worst developments in relation to human rights in 2011 before and after the overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak last February, but one of the most minute brutality that can not be justified came last October when he led a bloody attack on protesters in Maspero in Cairo killed 27 people, mostly Christians and injuring about 300 demonstrators. "The report pointed out that according to witnesses in the course of the clashes that erupted with the demonstrators on the attack on churches and citizens Msheian army used tanks to attack the protesters, while the report says "the state television of inciting more violence against Christians by asking people to protect the army of protesters "Freedom House says that this incident revealed defective institutions left by Mubarak and Rah.On the other hand considered that the historic elections organized by the Arab world has witnessed one of the best developments entirely positive for the human rights in 2011

Source: Constitution

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