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Showing posts with label The wake of demonstrations that swept cities in Tunisia last January. Show all posts


"Get It" revolution .. Iceberg images and feelings
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Antoine Gokey - Paris

The wake of demonstrations that swept cities in Tunisia last January, formed a group ofphotographers Tunisians under the slogan "go" and was behind the photo exhibition is important to move between cities in different European and disclosed to the audiencepictures are, in fact, documents or certificates of the first revolution of Tunisia.

It is the crucible of this project was born the idea of ​​the book "Go It is a revolution," which was released recently by Dar "Vibus" - Paris, brings together the work of ninephotographers belonging to the group in question, and the top of these images ChhadtanKhtitan, first novelist Tunisian Lafrakovnah Colette Fellous and the second of its nationalpoet and university professor Abdel-Wahab polite.

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Moments are rareAnd perpetuate the image of those rare and glorious moments in the history of the Tunisian people, who, Bathadeh peaceful resistance and the expulsion of the Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the re have the ability and freedom. But their value is also formed in accordance with a fighting within itself the various activities undertaken by the Tunisian revolution, more than just a testament to what happened.
The catchers out these pictures first to the streets to express their anger, like the rest of the Tunisians. In this revolution fever and joint responsibility, grabbed Pkamirathm and performed their mission, They formed the eyes of the masses and her heart and her memory, which often display different risks Kaltoukev, beatings and the confiscation of their films.
Perhaps the best comment on the content of these images, which occupies some two pages inside the book is the text of the novelist Colette Fellous, who says it: "The actual hands raised during the demonstrations and present most of the photos in a strange dance of a sudden, it could be threatened, but thin."
Elsewhere in the text says, "has become a series of pictures of this for me, the film of choice for the revolution a great unparalleled, we have stopped waiting, but she was living dreams of each and every one of us for years, fail within our hearts silently so as not to unfold the same. Censorship know necrosis of ideas and the most intimate diners and eliminate them. "
Film (a group photo) says money images without specific scenario, it has been invented at every moment with love and intuition, determination and surprise, scene after scene, the police were chasing demonstrators even inside buildings, in front of tear gas, or in front of the flag of Tunisia, who suddenly to dress, and to shield or shroud.
Surprising and revolutionary photographerThe money that the "seed of days in January and February are installed at all in these pictures, in gatherings of men and women in front of the Ministry of the Interior or in the courtyard of the Kasbah, with songs and laughter and debates of the day and night, with the votes of all the young men and women who came from Sidi Bouzid and villages remote and prepares us to be heard from. "
These voices and faces become a part of the country's history, but we were influenced by these images Vtvsrh money "Bolfah photographers intimate with the material which emotion they've shot over the minutes."
The photograph of the masses, proved photographers and emotions of surprise and happiness. Eetmoukawa not on balconies of buildings, did not stand on the distance to the event hopes to bet, they are not photographers, but they were makers of those days, and therefore part of the new material which they portray.
For his part, wrote the poet polite in the text that is useful also for the interpretation of these images, as in the section that says: "Through the movement of these people (in the January 14, 2011) How high echo of protests saved in the memory of mankind."
Visions coming from Tunisia give us a flood of images that flow to the same memory. That face taut and tense in its call for freedom reflects the impossibility of certainty permanent subordination, which is the object says "Enough!" Cry which dissolves all the contradictions of society.

Source: Al Jazeera

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