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Child become a symbol of Israeli extremism

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Israeli girl has become a blessing Margolis (8 years) to the national symbol of religiouscoercion in Israel after being persecuted by Jewish extremists have spat upon, in protest at her clothes, which they considered indecent.

Margolis and returned Thursday to her school in the town of Beit Chiems for the first timeafter the case, which occupied the headlines of the media in Israel, where he wasreceived, and Education Minister Gideon Saar.

Margolis did not pronounce a single word upon entering the school, but her motherHadasa said she hoped "that leads everything we've done so far to change", warning the extremists, saying "I will not bow to threats and bullying."

The paragraph television broadcast last Friday has shown Jewish fundamentalists spit onMargolis; because they saw that her clothes were not "decent enough".

And appeared on the grace of Margolis - which belong to a religious family of Jewish immigrants in America - the symptoms of anxiety as a result of the harassment faced byevery day while walking to school, and since that day begun is a symbol against religious coercion in Israel.
Rejection of discriminationIn protest over the incident, more than 10 thousand Israeli Tuesday in a demonstration to protest the discrimination against women, and religious extremism in the house Chiems, about 30 kilometers from Jerusalem.
The parliamentary opposition leader Tzipi Livni, "We strive for personal Israel, not only in the house of the sun and not only on the exclusion of women, but against all extremists who suddenly appeared to try to impose their vision of the world on us."
On Tuesday, he urged Israeli President Shimon Peres of its citizens to rally against the "ultra-Orthodox who are trying to impose strict religious system," he said in a statement, "We are fighting for the nation's spirit and essence of the state."
Peres said face "on a test to be a state-wide rally to save the majority from the claws of a small minority undermine the greatest values," asserting that "no right to the person threatened a girl or a woman or any person in any way .. They are not masters of this land."
It also condemned the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the religious extremists "who spit or curse the women because of their clothes or charge separation between the sexes."
Israeli commentators described the house Chiems as a symbol of the struggle between Israel's religious and secular, with mounting fears of the spread of extremism in society, especially as the population growth rate of religious people with large families faster than the secularists.
Get Chitika PremiumAccording to the latest study conducted by the community of the Central Bureau of Statistics, the proportion of ultra-Orthodox eight percent of the total number of adult Jews in Israel. The Israelis are secularists who describe themselves as a minority percentage of 41 percent.
It is worth mentioning that some bus routes in the suburbs, which is described as "religious" in Jerusalem is already a separation between the sexes; where the sitting women in the back of vehicles, nor need when Israeli law so but they are subjected to verbal passengers males if they refused to do so.
Although the extremists represent only ten percent of all residents of Israel's 7.7 million people, they have political influence in a country which did not get any political party, never a majority in parliament, coalition governments assume power always.
In November last, he warned the President of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, Ephraim Halevy, former of the danger which threatens the existence of Israel is the growing radicalization of the Haredim (ultra-religious any) and not the Iranian nuclear program.
Halevy said - in a lecture at the School of Israeli military - the real existential threat to Israel coming from the inside, and Jewish extremism and increase the proportion of religious extremists.
The word Haridam is the plural of the word Harida, which means in Hebrew "met", and this community maintain and adhere to their followers dressed in a traditional, and they know that they are represented by Intellectual Asset ancient Jewish, as the purest, and is characterized families of Haredim to increase their number, as they refuse birth control, which explains the increasing numbers compared to laity in Israeli society.
Does not serve the majority of orthodox Jews in the Israeli army, and authorities agree on the exemption from military service, despite the controversy raised by the internal, the government established with the special battalion with religious to be a compromise; which take into account the religious requirements of the battalion.

Source: Agencies

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