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Times: Bouazizi Personality of the Year

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Image by cjb22 via Flickr

Date of nations is not only interested in affairs of state lists, but he also cares about the courage of citizens who were drawn away from the acceptance rule is legitimate. This is what made ​​Muhammad Bouazizi, Beachcomber Tunisian Simple, Personality of the Yearwas named as Britain's Times newspaper in an editorial that the man who gave his life to consolidate the position of this simple but essential.

Suicide has sparked protests that toppled the regime was in place, the previous record for popular uprisings in the Arab world. Although the final outcome of these uprisings are farfrom clear, the precise timing of the protests than all argument.

And sacrificing his life to reflect this uprising Bouazizi assume a place among the other characters that Sama by the willingness to sacrifice all Gal and Nevis representative to end the repressive rule. And his life was short and painful death of an offer impressive man in the street.

I have called the protests, which hastened the suicide Bouazizi widely Arab spring, like thePrague Spring in 1968. Although the similarity arguable but it is not impossible: reform in the former Czechoslovakia crushed by Soviet tanks, but the freedom prevailed in the end,after 21 years. And the symbol of the revolution he was a student named Jean Balach who lit himself on fire to protest the Soviet occupation.
Despite the expulsion of the tyrants in Tunisia and Egypt from office, the basic institutions that exercised power is still in place. In Libya, a popular revolution overthrew Btagah country with the help of NATO, but must now adopt a civilized country and rebuild the economy.
And the Syrian regime was involved in the brutal repression of civilians to stay in power.Although Saudi Arabia is not affected by the Revolution, but helped Bahrain to suppress discontent.
Although the living conditions and freedom is not up to the stage, but rest assured it is not possible anymore to trust any system in that there will be tolerance of despotic power and it will not work. Proved internal repression and economic development in Tunisia, the alleged failure of this form. The weakness of this direct repression is that it did not provide a development that proclaims. And his crime was in cutting the basic hopes and imagination of generations. He called Bouazizi stop this repression and turns to the system and to others like him.
Bouazizi was not the goal of changing the world. There was no particular person in front of any of the many revolutions that spread across the Arab world, was a personal highlight so far a clear leader for the future. The Arab League has changed for the better. Qatar played a significant role this year as an assistant. But the events set for this year is to have the engine was the courage of countless people in the face of tyranny, and Mohammed was one of those Bouazizi.

Source: Times

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