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The return of avian flu in Hong Kong

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The authorities in Hong Kong on the execution of 17 thousand chickens at a poultry market after what proved to be a dead chicken infected with avian influenza strain, "HTML 5 to 1."
Suspended and the Government of Hong Kong also imports of live chickens from China and trafficking in live chickens for 21 days, in an effort to prevent the spread of a disease that usually infects birds but can be transmitted to humans.
The government spokesman said "We do not know whether the dead chicken imported from China or is it a local chicken," he said, adding that the market will be evacuated from the birds and disinfected completely.
The authorities conducted routine tests revealed that there was a high proportion of outbreaks of the virus, which infected 18 people and killed six people in Hong Kong in 1997.
And raise the Minister for Food and Health York Chow told a news conference Tuesday evening warning level of bird flu to "serious."
He added that he was the discovery of avian influenza virus in wild birds, "which means that the disease still poses a threat to society."
The people have no immunity to the virus, "HTML 5 to 1" and researchers fear it could mutate into a form in humans can be spread around the world, killing millions of people.
The virus is transmitted easily among birds and became active in different regions of the world and particularly in East Asia over the past few years. And kill the strain of "HTML 5 to 1" Most of the current bird species and up to 60% of humans who contract it.
The largest two previous execution of the poultry in Hong Kong were in June 2008 after the discovery of the virus in samples of chicken feces, and in December / December 2008, when the virus has led to the deaths of scores of chickens on the farm.

Source: Agencies

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