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Israel threatens new war on Gaza

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Israeli threat came on the third anniversary of the war on Gaza (Al Jazeera - Archive)
Israeli military commander announced Wednesday that the Israeli army is ready to launch a new war on the Gaza Strip, while four rockets landed at southern Israel on Wednesday launched from the Gaza Strip.

And threatened the commander of the Southern District team Gaza in the Israeli army, Colonel Tall Herrmona launch a military operation again "painful" in the Gaza Strip similar to Operation Cast Lead - the name launched by Israel on the recent war in Gaza, the end of 2008 - if the need arises.

He said that "Operation Cast Lead has achieved its goals, but if there is an escalation in the situation in the south, the army was ready to launch another operation in Gaza painful for the renewal of deterrence", according to local newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

He added that if the Palestinians did not stop the rocket fire and prevent "terrorist cells" to leave to Egypt to enter Israel, the latter will launch an operation in Gaza would be "different and more diverse and more painful."

With regard to the tactics of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) against Israel, he said Herrmona "The tunnels allow the terrorists to reach us sooner, they dig tunnels every day, but we use intelligence to locate. They were bracing for more kidnapping attempts."

The IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Tuesday the Israeli Army Radio that "no escape from a second round of fighting" in the Gaza Strip.

He added that "the implementation of Operation Cast Lead" in a professional and firm and has a great deterrent, but over time I stayed there cracks in the Israeli deterrence against Hamas, and the inevitable round of fighting in the other sector in the future. "
Israel launched air raids on Gaza on Tuesday killed one person and injuring others (Al Jazeera)
Bombarded with rockets
On the other hand, fell four rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel on Wednesday evening, the media reported that Israeli missiles hit the western Negev in southern Israel.There were no reports of casualties or damage.


Declared Nasser Saladin Brigades military wing of the Resistance Committees, theybombed Wednesday night Israeli town bordering Gaza missiles.


The brigades said it bombed "usurped Azata two missiles in response to the recentcrimes of the enemy," and warned to continue to shed the blood of the Palestinians.


The Israeli army announced the fall of the three rockets into southern Israel on Wednesday.


A spokesman for the Israeli military said three rockets fired from northern Gaza landed inan open area in the Negev of southern Israel without causing injuries or damage.


It is noteworthy that the Palestinians killed and injured ten others in raids by Israeli aircrafton Tuesday the Gaza Strip.


The Israeli bombardment on the third anniversary of the war waged by the Israeli army on December 27 / December 2008 on the Gaza Strip, and left more than 1,400 martyrs and 5,000 wounded, and caused severe damage to houses and infrastructure.

Source: Agencies

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