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Two copies of the new iPad "Apple" next month

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The report - which reported yesterday leaflet "Degetimes" on the news of electronic products based in Taiwan - that versions of the new contiguity screen size 9.7 inches, the same area of ​​the current version "iPad 2", but it is scheduled to enhance the quality of the screen colors to 1.536 in 2.048 pixels.

Both versions will run quad-core chips Apple "er 6", unlike the dual-core chips, "er 5" in the"iPad 2".

The report did not mention in detail the major differences between the two copies of the"iPad" the new that it was stated that only one will be equipped with 8 megapixel cameraand the other will be fitted with a 5-megapixel camera.

It is not scheduled to replace these two new versions replace the "iPad 2", which will remain on the table on the market to compete with a "Kindle Fire," which is produced byAmazon.

If adopted the "Apple" a successful strategy with respect to the smartphone "iPhone", thenew versions Sttrhan the same price as offered by the copy (iPad 2), which in turn will decrease significantly.
The iPad
IPad new device is a Tablet Wireless-screen depends on the touch utility provides many benefits offered by other devices currently used, including computer hardware notebook(laptop), and readers e-books, or smart phones or music players, or gaming platformsdifferent.

The highlight was taken on the iPad, despite its advantages is the lack of a camera orGPS, as it does not support the format of Adobe Flash, which is used in many websites, which may cause compatibility problems with it.
The device and the wireless capabilities, although lacks the entrances to read the memory cards in various forms, both SD cards (such as those phones, smart phones), or "flashmemory".

Apple has failed to achieve expected sales of the iPad mobile phone.

The company's stock price fell more than 6% after it announced it had sold 4.2 million iPadwithin three months to the end of September / October 2010, less than the previous forecast to sell five million units.

Source: DBA

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