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Hostile "culture of Zionism" and vigilance Arab

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Abdullah Postal

Actions and reactions rational and irrational, moral and non-moral, in our Arab and Muslim world, due to the brutal aggression against all that is humane and civilized in the Gaza Strip at the end of 2008, causes us to stand at some of the results or indicators that may be worth a bit of meditation and discussion.

"Cultural Zionism" in the dock!
By the Zionist entity, is not true at all that we blame us for that entity to the Government ofOccupation settlement has been implicated in the brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip with his family and his land.

Valmlom is "Cultural Zionism" that control the "Zionist mind" and made ​​him see the college and its system of values ​​and ways of thinking and peace of his priorities. This result has implications are many and serious as well, is the consequent benefits large and expensiveat the same time, but we can not in this context expands or dealing with any of them.

Denounced the denunciation produce!Condemnation "of the Hajabih" yielded this time, the first time, recognize that the language of diplomacy, the Arab condemnation and denunciation and condemnation have no little value in the eyes of their people that the rate of consciousness.
Successive those confessions on the lips of a number of Arab politicians adults, and this has implications multiple and significant, including that of the Arab peoples have a degree of influence is not significant in the operations are cumulative, which caused the Arab diplomatic extremely embarrassing to be paid to overcome the edge of condemnation to what is more positive in consideration of the peoples, and this was established by referring to the color of the "political awakening the mind."
It is after the last I read aside "Guanya" the new approach, the recognition of pointing to another type of vigilance as we see in words and tones "awakening the conscience of the political" politician of the Arab initiates recognition condemn Cajabih tells us as peoples Arabic: I I became like you, are not convinced Once the condemnation in such a serious matter! The politicians who continue to re-normalization with Cajabih, it is not their share of such vigilance: Do not mind alert and vigilant conscience!
The dilemma of "ideological" and "religious"!Each political party - whatever - specific ideology, this is no doubt at all, but it does not justify to go out that ideology for natural pathways to affect the "political rationality" minimum size at least.
This is even the right of all political parties, especially in times of crisis, and in particular of the Parties to the most vulnerable or the most "critical", led by Hamas.
Dimension of the ideological mold of politics in specific frameworks - intellectually and physically - shock the other parties and considers that it is narrow and bringing to alliances or blocs "scary," especially since regional play a chord on the ideological or openly exposed.
All this confirms the inevitability of a full and honest distance from such narrow frames. One of the biggest problems of the Arab that they continued to deal individual / non-collective with complex issues and events adults, for many reasons, including: culture, authoritarian situation, and feeling sick greatness, as well as corruption in all its forms and Tmzarath, and in the political, cultural, social, weakening the joint action and confused " institutional "as a concept and practice in contemporary Arab culture.
Therefore we are now seeing what we might call the phenomenon of "individual enterprise", any individual who tries to "become institutionalized as" ostensibly to reap some gains, the more dangerous the absence of collective and institutional capacity in the case of reclining on the religious dimension, as the "world religion" is believed to be a pro right to absolute divine , which is paid to "industry advisory opinion" is based on religious texts "legitimize" the acceptance by individuals who believe in this religious symbol and issue a "ijtihaad."
The world has witnessed the Arab and Islamic chaos in the field of opinion, especially in times of crisis, and perhaps the most prominent evidence of the opinion that "made" unilaterally Dr. Awad Al-Qarni Islamic preacher Saudi Arabia and went to the "interests and everything related to Israel is a legitimate target for Muslims in all place, and that Muslims seek discharged lowest won and they hand on to others, "he bears the responsibility for that opinion," before God ", all of which are away from frameworks" due diligence team "that should govern the process of opinion in such difficult issues and serious issues, and sensitive regulations and advisory Malatha and responsibilities of the intellectual, political, legal and historical "in front of created beings."

Zionist aggression .. Other lessons for vigilanceExcess of the Arabs in many things and fell from its system of ethical some of the basic values, it seems that he is not ready to abandon the minimum of the "dignity" and "humanity", which took place many ideas and spread various slogans in this crisis about the meaning of human dignity and the associated of the concepts and meanings directly or indirectly, the use of words Vkther pride, parents, and Alhmokh pride and steadfastness and victory and power, equestrian, injustice and justice.
Here we call a lot of the slogans that removed some of the "Strip" point perched on her chest to impossible to "pride," Many are shouting - for example - "Gaza is a symbol pride."
We have demonstrated the majority of the Arab peoples as "oppressed" and not "wasted" at least in the humanitarian space, and may be reclined to draw intelligent spaces, cultural and political and economic development.
While the brutal aggression of the Zionist culture has produced more of the Arab division, it has succeeded on the other hand some of the secrets revealed in a "tag" in the Arab political environment, including the operations of the "Sort" clear for some Palestinian and Arab parties.
Here, we stress the importance of establishing a rational framework of an arbitrator - intellectually, legally and politically - to benefit from it, history decides to override the seriousness of such a detection and screening, or dealing with irrational!
Restored the brutal aggression emphasize the fact that the absence of "legal thinking" and shortness of breath the Arab in the field of international law, with the evangelization of each proverb corrupted "Israel is a state above the law", and did not play any other Arab official to raise legal issues in international forums about the entity's settlement despite the presence of scholars lawyers, judges, senior Arab in the Arab region and beyond, they underscore the need to carry out documentation of the crime of aggression as a major step to the stage of trial influential figures of Zionism.
True, we live play a big name "international community" with all its laws, institutions and mechanisms, but the political game initiated by unipolar must be subject to the terms of the play itself, and there is evidence confirms the existence of positive results we achieved in that path, at least let us Nhrjhm as Ihrjohnna!
Events proved that the effectiveness of "civil society" can contribute to raise the critical political, moral or historical, not only that, but reduce the likelihood of exposure to some of the problems or crises on regional and international level.

Among the most prominent of these problems and crises in response to the calls of some sectors of extremist groups and internal and external violence or exposing some of thecapabilities of national acts of sabotage and violence.

The events have shown us that some Arab governments that have done is not satisfactoryor has deteriorated to the point of "employment" as in the eyes of some, did not save them, nothing but the institutions of civil society, what we stress to say the importance of activating civil society organizations in other Arab countries, and provide the legislative structure and appropriate regulatory, in the circle of liberty which loosen the link between the resolution and the positions of formal political institutions, civil society and the public reaction in the national framework is based on the constants and combines it all.

I believe that the Arab countries, which will be delayed or linger in this path, because thebears are at high costs.

We have nothing left except to say that the hostile "culture of Zionism" was established - with all the arrogance and stupidity - the Palestinian Arab identity and Islamic nature!

Finally, we remind the politicians of those Arabs who have expressed their desire to overcome the "Cajabih that" there are many things they can manufacture in the vicinity ofthe Zionist aggression on the Arab people, provided a measure of take honesty andsacrifice "Ltd!".

Saudi academic and writer

Source: Al Jazeera

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