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The rise of Obama's popularity
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A report from the Gallup Tuesday that the rates of support for the performance of PresidentBarack Obama has risen steadily this month, fought a battle with Republicans for extending the tax cuts on wages and now stepped up to the highest level of rejection of himfor the first time since July last year.

The rate of support for Obama in opinion polls conducted by Gallup over the three days from 21 to 23 December / January to 47% compared with the refusal rate has reached45%. The rate of support for Obama was 41% and 51% rejecting it at the beginning of this month.

The Democratic president signed on the 23rd of this month extension of tax cuts on wagesfor two months after pushing the Republicans to support the demands and only for theincreased taxes in the first January.

The increase reflected in the popularity of Obama's Gallup poll has shown the results ofother polls pointed to the increasing popularity with the public support him in a bitter dispute for extending the tax cuts of about 160 million, equivalent to about U.S. $ 40 feeevery two weeks.

This is the first time that exceed the rate of support of the President of the U.S. refusal ratesince the survey was conducted last July.

The U.S. economic data is also more positive to some extent in recent weeks.

Source: Reuters

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