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Launch of the largest camel festival in Abu Dhabi

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Launched the desert capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi Al Dhafra Festival, which is the largest festival of camels in the world, with the participation of 20 thousand camels came from various countries of the Gulf.
The festival is held for the fifth year in a row, and continue its current ten-day organized by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage.
The head of the Supreme Committee of the Festival Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture Mohammad Khalaf Al Mazroui told reporters that the activities of this session is the largest compared to the past four festivals, which attracted a parade of the different spectra heritage of the UAE and the Gulf of different ages.
He pointed out that the first day saw a large presence of people of the Gulf and foreign communities residing in the UAE, and the next follow-up specifically for these traditional events.
He announced that the festival includes competitions for the beautiful Ebel (Almzaana) and camel races increase the total prize money of $ 11 million, including 155 four-wheel drive luxury car.
And participate in the event of more than 1300 camel owners to compete in the races, which gets first place winner in a million AED.
He also revealed that the festival aims to preserve the customs and traditions of the region and the nomadic life across a range of traditional events in the forefront of the competition "Mazayina camels," and competition "dairy" for female camel-largest source of milk, and an auction of camels and camel racing heritage, and the competition hunting dogs of the type of Greyhound.
Competition are also held hawk hybrid for the first time in the festival, as well as packaging dates of competition, and competition "festival in the eyes of photographers."
The festival includes a market for handicraft UAE this year includes 160 of the shops, and aims to introduce the heritage and achievement of support and encouragement to maintain this character and promote them.

Source: German

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