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Bathroom a refuge from the problems of British wives
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A new study said on Tuesday that half of British men hiding in the bathroom on a regular basis to escape from their partners and their problems.

The study, published by the Daily Express, that many British parents are driven to the bathroom to avoid their wives or their children's wayward fighters, in their words.

With regard to what can be done in the men's toilets, the study said that half of British men admitted that they almost make the bathroom a haven for gaming on their mobile phones, or listen to the comments of football games or relax to the sound of music.

The study added that British men are considered the bathroom the only place where it can enjoy absolute privacy by hiding behind closed doors.

Location and wives towards such behavior, the study suggested that 20% of British men admitted to having been reprimanded by their partners to stay very long periods in the toilets, and 30% of them admitted that they spend in the toilet longer than their partners.

The study also found that one in ten British men resort to the bathroom to avoid his wife's friends, or his partner was keen to follow up on reality TV or soap operas, while 30% of them find refuge bath to enjoy the calm.

Source: UPI

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