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Wombs for rent and sale of eggs in China

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China imposed the one-child policy three decades ago ( Al Jazeera )

Ezzat Shahrour - Beijing

Chinese eight children, four of the same number of male and female, born raised a storm of controversy is still ongoing for several weeks, because they are brothers born in one month in a country that imposes a one-child policy for several decades.

Subscribe to have these children of three women, one is the mother that bore the trouble ofpregnancy and labor pains three of them only, while the other five then they would last.

Or eight affluent woman who lives with her ​​husband, rich in luxury villas in the city ofGuangzhou, southern China, the best of its embellish life a lot of money and deprived of the boys, she and her husband decided to resort to what is known as the "in vitro".

The couple enrichment outside of eight eggs from the wife in a medical laboratory in the city, and planted three of them in the womb of the wife, while the other five eggs laid in thewomb Astajrta two women for this purpose.

After the birth of eight children mocked couple 11 women between the wet-nurse and a maid and cleaning lady to take care of children and ensure their comfort, a monthly salaryexceeding 15 thousand dollars for them all.

Envious eyesDid not hand over the family, of course, "envious eyes", the issue became the rich material in the Chinese media and on web pages, and raised a heated debate. Some regarded it as a flagrant violation of the law which allows a second child and only one. And questioned whether this applies to the poor does not include the rich?
And others, the case raises more questions than that related to moral issues not familiar Chinese society by, in addition to legal questions about who is the real mother of the child, for example, you are the owner of the egg or conducted by or fondle her womb?
Office of the Department of Health in the province of Guangdong were quick to form a special team to study the issue, while the Office of the family vowed to punish the couple for violating the one-child law and to punish the hospital, which made the process as well.
Although it does not have official statistics on the number of "in vitro" in China, some of the institutions of civil society suggest that the number during the last three decades, has exceeded 25 thousand children.
Experts say that the reason behind the couples ventured on this method of having children is the increased rates of infertility and diseases of fertilization, which increased during the last ten years from 3% to 12%, equivalent to about 40 million people, according to estimates by the Ministry of Health of China.
And witness centers IVF or IVF boom rapidly in major Chinese cities, despite the high price which is estimated at 60 thousand dollars.
If the couple wishes to have said, then they have to add another five thousand dollars, it is not mentioned Kalonty. If they wish to have twins it they must double the amount of up to 10 thousand dollars extra.
Explaining to these centers of high prices and the difficulty of accurately selected women who wish to rent the womb and the requirement of the enjoyment of good health and tested for any genetic diseases, and they were subjected to permanent nutritional programs and strict sanitary control.

Black tradeIn this context, has grown branches and other accessories to the trade developed, as it flourished so-called black market for the sale of eggs, and formed a female college students a target for this market, especially as the "customer" looking for the best "for their child is expected", and therefore it certainly will prefer smart handsome.
The Chinese believe that adjectives handsome, intelligent and Rathitan, you must Ttovra in the genes of the egg. For this, the girl university endowed with the knowledge and the beauty of it opened a "new doors of fortune", "income" was far beyond what you can get after graduation, if any, jobs.
Has revealed that some students from Chinese universities Bweidathen sold for six thousand dollars. As if they were students from renowned universities Kjamotai Beijing, Qinghua, the price will be higher for sure.
This has increased the controversy in Chinese society about all these new phenomena and exotic him, and winds that blew with the entry of China in the era of openness and in time of a market economy, and is now rocking the heritage and traditions of social maintained by the Chinese society for centuries.
At a time when many voices above to demand the enactment of strict laws based on scientific and ethical consistent with the privacy of Chinese society and its traditions to regulate the operations having "in vitro" and surrogacy and the sale of eggs, the Chinese do not have to remember the architect of the policy of reform and opening up their leader, the late Deng Xiao Peng Before his departure, which warned that "to leave the doors and windows wide open, must be released with a lot of flies and mosquitoes."

Source: Al Jazeera

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